PDI/Trainee Licence

PDI/Trainee Licence

Once you have completed 40 hours of training with your dedicated instructor, you may consider applying for a trainee licence. A trainee licence is not for everyone so you should always consult your trainer for their opinion. If your trainer thinks you can pass your Part 3 without a trainee licence then that might be the most cost effective way of doing it.

Benefits of a trainee licence

  • You can practise what you are learning on real life pupils
  • You can earn a living for a short period of time, which can fund your training as well as act as an income
  • Often pupils create very natural/subtle faults – subconsciously. This can be great practice that an ADI trainer will find hard to replicate
  • You can see if you like the job before proceeding further, spending more

Down sides of a trainee licence

  • Often trainees work too many hours, don’t practise Part 3 teaching methods and create poor habits which results in the need for more training
  • The trainee licence is valid for 6 months, so you should aim to pass your Part 3 before it expires.
  • Many driving schools charge a high franchise but do not provide enough pupils to pay for the franchise, resulting in debts and increased pressure to pass the Part 3
  • Some trainees quit their day job because they can earn more money teaching pupils. However, this results in increased pressure to pass. If you fail the Part 3, you don’t have a job at all.

Cost of a trainee licence

£140 which should be paid directly to the DVSA by card, cheque or postal order.

How to apply

You will need to complete the Instructor Training Declaration 21T form with your driveJohnson’s trainer.

You will also need to complete the Application for a Trainee Licence ADI 3L form. This should be completed by both the PDI trainee and the instructor trainer together.

Can you apply for a second trainee licence?

No. However, if you believe you have exceptional circumstances and you can prove you haven’t been able to utilise the licence you paid for, you can write a covering letter to DVSA along with a second application and they will review your circumstances.

Examples which the DVSA will consider:

– Illness/injury. For example: A broken leg or being diagnosed with traumatic/long-term serious illness.
– Family death/serious illness or injury in the family.

You will need to prove the above with death certificate, doctor’s letter, medical reports etc. If you don’t provide proof then it’s very unlikely that your second application will be considered.

Ongoing training whilst on the trainee licence

You should speak to your trainer and decide which compulsory training option benefits you:

1. Additional 20 hours ADI instructor training.
2. 20 hours of supervised training. This is where your trainer would sit in the back of your lessons and observe and provide feedback etc.

Most PDIs prefer option 1.

If you choose option 1, it’s still definitely worth inviting your trainer in the back of some of your lessons to observe. This will probably make you feel nervous, but imagine how you are going to feel on your Part 3 exam – even more nervous.

Having someone else in the back of your lesson will not only benefit your training but also give you a small taste of uneasiness and pressure. Not many people like being observed/watched/inspected by others – but it will ultimately benefit you later on. If you’re in this for the long game – invite your trainer in the back of a few lessons!

Does driveJohnson’s offer a trainee licence?

Unlike many national driving schools we will offer a trainee licence at our trainer’s discretion. If they think the PDI trainee is ready and it would benefit everyone then we will provide you with a short term franchise option so you can utilise the trainee licence.

Do we offer a trainee licence to PDIs who are not training with driveJohnson’s?

Possibly, please contact us for a no obligation chat about your requirements/needs. We have taken on trainee’s in the past who have trained with an alternative trainer outside of driveJohnson’s and it has worked quite well for both parties.

We will obviously require a completed ADI 21T form from your trainer.

The benefits of choosing driveJohnson’s for your training/PDI licence is;

  • We won’t tie you into a long term agreement initially nor when you qualify.
  • Some driving schools will sponsor you whilst you are on the trainee licence, however, when you qualify you are automatically contracted to stay with them for 12/18/24 months.

Interested in PDI Franchise or working with after your Part 3?

We offer an extremely fair and well priced franchise for all areas across the UK, with no long tie ins. Visit our driving instructor franchise page for more information.

If you would like to find out how many extra pupils we have available in your area, then visit our Pupil/Area Checker.

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