ADI trainee licence

ADI trainee licence

The whole concept behind the trainee licence is for the trainee to get real life experience before taking the Part 3 – Ability to teach test.

Some trainee’s use this to kill two birds with one stone; earn extra money so they can afford to pay for extra training.

ADI Trainee Licence

What you need to know:

• You can only apply for a trainee licence once you have passed your part two – ability to drive and completed 40 hours of driving instructor training.

• A trainee licence is valid for 6 months only.

• You cannot renew your trainee licence or reapply for another one.

• Only under extreme circumstances will the DVSA consider issuing a second licence, for example; illness with proof that you was unable to utilise the trainee licence.

• You can charge pupils normal driving lesson rates.

• Cost is £140.

• You must fill out an ADI 21T form

• Your trainer must agree to act as your manager and they should fill out an ADI 3LMD form

Pros of trainee licence

– Gain extra real life experience and experience natural faults that occur from pupils everyday.

– Earn while you learn. You can charge the pupil the standard lesson rates if you wish.

– Get to know the test route areas better for your Part 3 and for life after your part 3.


– Sometimes the costs; car, insurance and dual controls out weighs the amount of money coming  in which is generated by lessons. If your dependent on an income to pay for your overheads and training then you may need to consider a driving school franchise to ensure you get the volume of pupils you need. Unfortunately teaching family and friends may only fetch £60-£100 a week.

– Without proper supervision and regular training in between lessons, it’s very easy to fall into bad habits. If you have good self discipline, then this may not be an issue.

– Nobody likes learning with a trainee. It’s not something you want to promote but it’s not something you can lie about either. Do you think you can sell yourself to your pupils so they believe in you and trust what you are saying?

The pro’s and con’s list is never ending and a matter of opinion, but the above should give you some food for thought.

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