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ADI Check test training with driveJohnson’s

On 7th April 2014, the standards check replaced the ADI check test.

There are many rumours that the expectations and standards expected from the ADI are higher. This is not the case. The examiners are just marking differently, hence the new marking sheet.

Why should you be tested again?

It’s very easy to slip into bad habits after passing your driving instructor exams. So the DVSA want to see everyone conducting driving lessons the DVSA way.

You can have a fantastic pass rate with your pupils, but that counts for nothing if you are not teaching the DVSA way. Things like recaps, objectives and briefings are often easily missed after passing the Part 3 ability to teach to which might not seem that bad but to the DVSA the pupil may not be receiving their monies worth. Other things that often go missing after qualifying is proper analysis and remedial action. Simple things like asking the pupil for verbal feedback can go missing when we go into auto pilot.

It’s very easy to identify the fault, however, good driving instructors follow up the fault identification with though provoking analyse that requires a response from the pupil that develops their thinking and where possible coax the remedial out of the pupil.

Here are a few things that the SE is looking for in the new standards check:
– More pupil involvement, using open and intriguing questions that develops the pupil’s thinking.
– Sharing responsibility, handing responsibility over to the pupil and knowing when to take responsibility back.
– Choosing a subject/lesson that benefits your pupil’s current driving ability.
– Knowing when to increasing the difficulty of a lesson or in some instances, reducing the difficulty or even changing the subject.

No more educational check test

Pre-April 2014 your first check test was classed as an educational. This is unfortunately no longer the case. You will be graded as follows:

Grade A: High overall standard of instruction. Minimum of 43 marks is required to achieve this. The maximum mark is 51.

Grade B: Sufficient competence level achieved in order to remain teaching. 31-42 marks required.

FAIL: Unsatisfactory performance. Anything between 0-30 marks.

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Check Test Training Resources

adi check test training manual

28 pages of easy to read information on how to pass the standards check. With so many books explaining whats expected there is a gap in the market for a book that tells you what to do.

This manual written by the owner of driveJohnson’s – Anthony Johnson (Grade A, scoring 51/51) goes through each section of the marking sheet and tells you what to do.

The book is straight to the point and includes the following subjects:

Instructor Check Test

1. Check test explained

2. What does the DSA want

3. It’s not like the Part 3 test

4. Choosing the right subject

5. Structuring your lesson

6. Check test form explained

7. Choosing the right pupil

8. Top 10 Tips


2 hour Check test training assessment

If your unsure what the new standards check involves or just want to get that A grade then try our 2 hour practical assessment. One of our trainers will give you the feedback and advice you need.

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