Driving Instructor Lesson Plans

Driving Instructor Lesson Plans

Over 100 pages of driving instructor lesson plans designed by Anthony Johnson, Grade A 51/51 ORDIT registered driving instructor trainer. Anthony has been a driving instructor trainer for over 10 years and has helped hundreds of people become driving instructors.

These driving instructor lesson plans are great for the following:

  • Briefing pupils on subjects for the first time, with easy to understand pictures that flow in order.
  • Open Q&A sessions to start recapitulating on a subject at the beginning, middle or end of a lesson.
  • Pictures tell more than words – you can talk less and coax the answers out of your pupils, encouraging and developing your pupil’s thinking.
  • Looks extremely professional and hard wearing.

About the Driving Instructor Lesson Planner

This driving instructor lesson planner has been designed to assist both PDIs and ADIs.

Pre-2018, the DVSA Part 3 test was based on pre-set questions. Many lesson planners (including our own past ones) were designed to solely pass the part 3 test. For those who passed the part 3 test, they were left with a lesson planner they knew back to front but often their knowledge on many other subjects were low or uncovered.

We have designed this Driving Instructor Lesson Planner so that it’s future proof for those taking the part 3 test and also for those ADIs who want a new lesson planner because their old one is dated.

Why does this lesson planner benefit a PDI?

With the Part 3 test, you can provide almost any lesson type as long as it’s suited to the pupil’s needs. So, what happens on test day when you are doing a town driving lesson theme and your learner approaches some temporary road works, an emergency vehicle, cyclist, adverse weather such as heavy rain or they make a mistake on a Y-Junction? You’re extremely nervous and you probably need to discuss one or two of the matters outside of your planned lesson theme.

When you get chance, pull your pupil up and go to the relevant page and you will be given a serious of prompts. You probably know it but these prompts under pressure will get you talking about important and interesting matters with your pupil there and then.

Why does this lesson planner benefit ADIs?

It’s limitless. There are not many lesson planners out there which exceed 100 pages with so many subjects and topics. The lesson planner is to point – there isn’t one subject that exceeds 2 pages in content (other than controls at the beginning).

Each page has an easy to understand diagram which you can draw on with a non-permanent marker when you need to make things happen more with your pupils.

Want your own lesson planner?

Why not choose our bespoke version? You provide us your company logo and we will create you a PDF version which you can choose to print yourself as and when you need.

If you want a hard wearing lesson planner with your company logo on it then we can do that for you as well at an extra cost. See prices below.

* All PDF products are dispatched via email and they unfortunately non refundable. See Terms and conditions for more information. If you choose the custom brand option we can edit the PDF for you to your liking. First edit is Free, thereafter any other edits incur discretionary charge – usually around £10 for small changes like logo alteration.

driveJohnson's Branded Paper Lesson Planner

This is printed on 135gsm paper.


Folder & Laminated

The folder is very hardwearing. The laminated card can be written on with a non-permanent marker and wiped off with a damp cloth easily.


PDF driveJohnson's Branding

If you want to print your own or print certain sheets for your students, this option may suit you. We will deliver them to you by email so you can print off at your leisure. This can also be uploaded to tablet devices as a book so you can use it in your lessons.


PDF Custom Branding

Have you got your own driving school? Want your own name and phone number on it? Not a problem – we can provide you with a PDF version of the lesson planner with your logo and phone number on virtually every page of the lesson planner.

Choose to print it yourself or pay £99.99 and we will design and print your lesson planner. You will receive the PDF version so you can print in the future without us. This can also be uploaded to tablet devices as a book so you can use it in your lessons.


Custom Branded Lesson Planner with a printable PDF for the future

Save £19.99 compared to buying a laminated lesson planner and custom branded PDF individually

You will receive everything mentioned in the PDF custom branded version plus a printed hard copy of the lesson planner so you don’t need to go to the printers later and print your own.

You will have the PDF version for future use so if you need to print more laminated lesson planners you can without the need to contact us to do it for you. We can also do it for you, because we are nice like that :-)

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