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Many driving instructors are now paying higher yearly insurance premium because of non-fault accidents on their file with their insurer. Despite the accidents being non fault in the past, their insurance inevitably goes up by £££’s after a non fault accident when renewing their insurance premium.

If you would like to avoid this in the future – give me a call or fill in this form ASAP when you have had a car accident. I will help you with your claim, so everything is looked after outside of your insurer. It is a legal requirement to tell your insurer about an accident, it’s not a legal requirement to use them when you have had a non-fault accident. I will explain more about the footprints left on your file when making claims through your insurer if or when you call me.

IF you need advice at the scene of an accident, call me: 07880 886119
IF I don’t answer straight away, please text me saying: It’s urgent, please call ASAP.

Geoffrey Leaver has been established for over 20 years. We have helped hundreds of driveJohnson’s instructors in the past with their injury claims/courtesy car hire. I believe we have got the process right to help instructors by offering the following at no cost:

  • Courtesy car hire, within 12-24 hours if your car is not drivable
  • Like for like car, or very similar
  • Your car will be repaired by the third party at no cost to you at an approved body repair centre where all work is guaranteed
  • We will get you on average 2-3 times more than the insurance companies out there will
  • Most insurance companies will sell your injury claim to a third party solicitor. Many solicitors will pay up to £1000 for a road traffic accident case. That money will affect your overall end compensation.
  • Assistance and help with loss of earnings. Most insurers and solicitors won’t help you with this. It is very difficult to obtain loss of earnings now, but we regularly recover losses for our instructors.
  • £35 rehabilitation lessons to your pupil which then gets paid to you. Usually 5-10 sessions if the pupil has been affected psychologically by the accident.
  • We will deal with your claim in such a way that it doesn’t affect your future insurance premium.

If you would like to refer someone to us who has not used us before and they have had a non-fault accident, please put their details in the form. If we take their claim on, we will transfer £50 to your bank account for your recommendation.
Please inform them we will be contacting in advance, we don’t want to cold call anyone.

This form is designed for car accidents. However, if you have had a different type of non fault accident such as trip in public place, medical negligence etc then fill the form in as best you can and we will call to discuss your injuries, their value and how we can help!

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