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Many trades and hobbies require the use of a large trailer that is capable of towing the vehicle and the total weight of both the vehicle and the trailer (the train weight). These trailers could include horse boxes, caravans, boats, diggers and mobile catering vans.

A B+E licence increases your allowed train weight from 3,500Kg to 7,000Kg, providing you have completed the required trailer training of 3,500Kg. If you are towing a trailer for trading purposes or even pleasure you must ensure that you are doing so legally.

You can find this out by looking at your vehicle’s weight plate. It is usually found in the driver’s/passenger’s door jam or under the bonnet of the vehicle.

Shown here is an example of a towing vehicle that weighs 1,950Kg. The second volume measurement of 3,450Kg is the allowable train weight. If you take 1,950Kg from the allowable train weight of 3,450Kg, you are left with 1,500Kg which is the largest trailer this vehicle can tow legally. Because the total train weight is under 3,500Kg it can be driven on a Category B licence.

In this example, the towing vehicle weighs 2,505Kg. The second figure shows that the allowable train weight is 4,200Kg. Again, if you subtract the first figure from the second you are left with the largest weight the vehicle can tow. In this case it can legally tow a trailer weighing 1,695Kg.

A standard Category B licence allows you to tow with this vehicle, but the trailer weight must not exceed 955Kg.

In order to exceed the 7,000kg B+E limit, you will need to take a Category C1 (7.5 tonne LGV) test and C1+E test if you still intend to tow.

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