How many driving lessons do I need?

How many lessons will I need?

As a driving instructor one of the most common questions we get asked is: How many driving lessons do I need?

Some instructors forget what it is like to be a really keen learner wanting to pass as soon as possible, so they often come out with something sarcastic like ‘how long is a piece of string?’

Obviously, an answer like that doesn’t motivate the pupil and may even put them off trying. At driveJohnson’s we can give you those answers you want to know after your first two hour driving lesson. We believe it’s important to let the pupil know what their driving level is and what they need to do to get to test standard.
Below is a table that was released by the DSA over 5 years ago. This is all we have from the DSA to give you an indication to how many driving lessons you will need.
Between January 2012 and December 2012 driveJohnson’s kept a record of the average amount of lessons a pupil took with us, which was 28 driving tuition hours with no private practice.

how many lessons table

There are many driving schools out their that contribute to this table of averages not being very good. You have to take into consideration that there are a lot of old boys out there, teaching for pocket money or just seeing out their last few years in their teaching career before they retire. Obviously they are not going to be as enthusiastic or responsive as they were 10-20 years ago. There are also a lot of cowboys out there that will try to scam you or drag your lessons out, as a learner you may not realise its your instructor and not actually you that is responsible for taking so long.

Try Our Assessment Lesson...

No matter what level you are driving at, we will tailor the assessment to your current driving ability, so it won’t be a case of going over old subjects and wasting time. Once we can see you’re capable, we will keep moving on and challenging you in different areas of driving. Whatever you don’t know, we will teach you and see how quickly you pick things up. In 2 hours we will teach you whilst monitoring your progress. At the end of your lesson we will tell you how many hours you will need to get to test standard. Our driving instructors are all grade 5 or 6, which are the two highest grades, so they won’t be out by more than 5 hours.

If you’re interested and want to get booked in, give us a call on 0330 124 4877 Alternatively, you can text “DRIVE” to 63666 and we’ll call you back!

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