Under 17 Driving Course

Under 17s Driving Courses in Milton Keynes

Are you over 11 years old and can’t wait to get on the roads and learn to drive? This is your chance. We offer under 17 driving lessons in Milton Keynes. We are the biggest driving school in Milton Keynes for a reason – we have an excellent reputation that we have built up serving 1000′s of students over the years. Now we want to share our valuable experience and expertise with young drivers in Milton Keynes. We have teamed up with the majority of the Milton Keynes schools to use their facilities to make this experience possible at affordable prices.

Molly Stevens had a great 2 hour lesson before she turned 17

Molly Stevens Under 17 Driving Course

Molly Stevens came to driveJohnson’s a few weeks before turning 17 with one goal in mind: To pass the driving test as soon as possible.

In her first lesson she covered the following:

  • Controls

  • Clutch control

  • Moving off and stopping

  • Turning left and right

  • Turn in the road

  • Bay parking

Under 17 Driving Lesson Course Costs

Depending on the location we are providing the course will determine what the cost is. Because we have a fantastic reputation for providing driving lessons in Milton Keynes many schools let us use the course for a minimal fee. Our courses in Milton Keynes cost £40 an hour, which is considerably cheaper than other companies who charge £30 for 30 minutes.

Please call the office: 0800 4581226 for latest prices and next available course. Courses take place most weekends and during school holidays.

All young drivers that are interested should be 11 years of age or over and a minimum of 1.4 meters (4ft 8) in height.)

Under 17 Driving Course


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