Welcome to driveJohnson’s

Welcome to driveJohnson’s

Thank you for choosing driveJohnson’s Driving School.

We have sent a text message to your dedicated driving instructor to confirm your driving lesson date and time. If you don’t hear from your driving instructor then please assume the lesson is going ahead.

Occasionally, your instructor may contact you directly (with notice) to adjust the date or time of the lesson or just to introduce themselves to you before the first lesson.

What to bring on your first driving lesson

Provisional Driving Licence

If you don’t have a provisional driving licence then you cannot start learning to drive. If you have lost your licence or can’t find it, please let your instructor or us know at least 24 hours before your lesson starts to avoid being charged.

Correct Footwear

Flip flops, high heels and boots with thick soles are not ideal for driving and can make your learning experience more difficult. Try to wear shoes or trainers with a thin, flat sole if possible.

Check your eyesight

Check your eyesight before your first lesson. You should be able to read a UK vehicle number plate from at least 20.5 meters. If you wear glasses, please bring them with you on your driving lessons.

Cancelling or changing your lesson date or time

If your instructor has contacted you already, please contact them first if you need to cancel or change your lesson date or time. The cancellation policy is 24 hours notice if you would like to avoid charge. Many driving schools ask for 48 hours notice, so we are trying to be reasonable and fair to you.

Payment to your instructor

If you have pre-paid driveJohnson’s, we will transfer your money to the driving instructor after each lesson you receive. If you are paying cash on the day to your driving instructor please have your money ready at the beginning of the lesson.

If you need a cash point, try to do this before your lesson, failing that, please advise your instructor at the beginning of the lesson so the instructor can manage your lesson time and find a cash point within your lesson. Unfortunately, going to a cash point after your lesson has finished means the instructor will run late for their next appointment.

If you have paid driveJohnson’s directly, your money is protected. If you decide to pay your instructor directly by cash or bank transfer then we cannot be held accountable or responsible for it. Any money paid to the instructor is an agreement between you and the instructor.

Please see full terms and conditions regarding payment to your instructor.

Learning Centre

At driveJohnson’s we want you to pass safely but also quickly. Nobody wants to be learning to drive for years. Have you heard the saying “you only get out, what you put in” before?

If you are keen, want to learn quickly and save money in the long run then visit our Learning Centre which has tutorials, videos, test tips and more to help you.

Click here to visit the Learning Centre

Terms and Conditions

You can find our full terms and conditions here. In the event you are unhappy with any of the terms and conditions, please contact us first before commencing your driving lessons.

View our full Terms and Conditions

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