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All of our resources for sale have been designed with one thing in mind – keeping it simple so you can understand and learn quickly. The resources for sale are a big contribution to why our pass rate is so high for our driving instructor training. All we have done is vigorously studied what the DVSA examiners exactly want and moulded our resources to their liking. Just do it the driveJohnson’s/DVSA way and you should be fine.

Everything you need for part 1,2 & 3

This is a must for anyone just starting their driving instructor training. The pack includes:
• Part 1 - Online specific ADI theory training questions & hazard perception
• Part 2 - Progress manual/s
• Part 2/3 - Highway code
• Part 3 - phase 1 video collection which includes briefings and practical for each phase 1 subject
• Part 3 - Phase 2 Questions & Answers book
• Part 3 - Lesson planner
• Part 3 - Driving Manual
• Part 3 - DVSA Marking sheets PST 1-10
• Standards Check - Marking sheet explained
• Access to our online training zone (Exclusive to driveJohnson's trainees - password protected)

ADI Part 3 Lesson Planner

This lesson planner is perfect for briefing your pupils. It has all of the subjects required to be covered on the DVSA syllabus and more. The diagrams are clear and easy to understand. The lesson planner is laminated, so it should last you for years.

ADI Part 3 Lesson Planner Photo
£39.99+ £2.95 PP
ADI Part 3 Phase 1 DVD Collection

This DVD Collection basically shows you exactly how you should be conducting your Part 3 Phase 1 subjects. Each subject includes meet/greet, recap, objectives, briefing and practical. The collection consists of 5 DVDs containing 2 subjects on each DVD. So you have all 10 Part 3 Phase 1 subjects - the driveJohnson's and DVSA way.

£49.95+ £2.95 PP
Standards Check Test Training Manual
Standards Check Training Manual
Standards Check Manual inside

28 pages of easy to read information on how to pass the standards check. With so many books explaining what's expected there is a gap in the market for a book that tells you what to do.

This manual was written by the owner of driveJohnson’s - Anthony Johnson (Grade A, scoring 51/51) and goes through each section of the marking sheet and tells you what to do. This book would benefit PDI's and seriously benefit qualified ADI's with their standards check test coming up.

This manual is straight to the point and covers the following subjects:

1. The Standards Check Explained
2. What the DVSA want
3. Every section of the marking sheet explained 4. It's not like the Part 3 test
5. Choosing the right subject
6. Structuring your lesson for the day
7. Choosing the right pupil
8. Top Tips

£19.99+ £1.95 PP
ADI Part 3: Phase 1 - Straight to the Point

If you are approaching or studying the ADI Part 3 exam then this manual could be for you. It's direct and to the point. You don't have to read 10 pages of introduction to get to the nitty gritty. This isn't another book that tells you what will happen, this tells you how to do it. We recommend that you buy both Part 1 and Part 2 manuals and the instructor DVD if you are at the beginning stages. You'll have everything you need on one song sheet.

Part 3 Phase 1
Part 3 Phase 1 Inside
£19.99+ £2.95 PP
ADI Part 3: Phase 2 - Straight to the Point

This manual includes the marking sheet, starter questions which are required in the recap at the beginning and juicy thought provoking open questions that will impress your examiner. It's very direct and to the point and worth keeping on your lap whilst you are teaching and even doing your part 3. It has grade 6 question and answer techniques to deal with the core competencies. If you are at the early stages of your Part 3 training we recommend you buy the Part 1 manual and the instructor DVD too. You'll have everything you need on one song sheet.

Part 3 Phase 2
Part 3 Phase 2 Inside
£19.99+ £2.95 PP
Blind Spot Mirror

Help yourself and your pupils by using a blind spot mirror. It significantly helps the pupil when doing Reverse to the Left, Parallel Park and Bay Park.

Blind Spot Mirror
£4.99+ £2.95 PP
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