Assessment Lesson Explained

2 Hour Assessment Lesson Explained

If You...

• Want to pass fast.
• Want to know how many hours you need and how long it will take.
• Have already had a test and want a second opinion.
• Feel like your instructor isn’t getting the best out of you and you may need some targets and timescales.

Watch the 2 minute video on the right to see how the assessment lesson can help you.

What happens on the assessment lesson?

One of our driveJohnson’s instructors will spend around 3-5 minutes finding out your previous experience at the beginning. Once they have established your driving level they will then start your lesson. Throughout the lesson your instructor will make notes and give you instructions and feedback throughout. At the end of the lesson your instructor will give you the answers to that all important question that you probably want to know: ‘How many driving lessons do you need?’

Can beginners have an assessment lesson?

Yes, although there may not be much feedback throughout the lesson, feedback will definitely be given at the end. An estimate of how many hours required will be given too. Our instructors are usually within 5 hours of their estimate.

Want to book an assessment lesson?

If you’re interested and want to get booked in, give us a call on 0330 124 4877 Alternatively, you can text “DRIVE ASSESSMENT” to 63666 and we’ll call you back!

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