Why Do I Hate Driving Lessons? (9+ Answers to Consider)

Year after year, new students and young people start to learn to drive. In most cases, new driving pupils become excited and cannot wait to get behind the wheel. However, after doing a little research, it seems that there is a small minority of students that really dislike driving. After looking into the volume of

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Are UK Driving Licences Sexist – Yes or No?

Whether it be pink, green, stuck in an old wallet or even long forgotten down the rear of your sofa – a driving licence is something that many people hold in the UK and with driving figures set to increase those figures will only get larger. However, have you ever considered the DVLA and the

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The Practical Driving Test is Changing

For many, the practical driving test is a milestone and key achievement for so many young people in the UK. It really does represent freedom for most teenagers. However, come December 2017, the practical driving test is changing, so if you are taking your driving lessons, you may have to alter your training to accommodate

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Law Changes for Mobile Phone Use When Driving

It has certainly been a long time coming, but as of 1st March 2017 it is now illegal to use a mobile phone when driving a car or riding a motorbike and the implications of ignoring this new law can be extremely severe. Unfortunately, mobile phones have been the largest cause of road casualties over

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Job Vacancy: Bookings Co-ordinator

Starting Pay Competitive starting pay depending on age and experience. Hours of Work Full Time: 40 hours a week. We for are looking for 1-2 new team members: Ideally we are looking for someone who can work up to 7:30pm monday to Thursday and finishing slightly earlier on friday’s. The candidate will be required to work one weekend every

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