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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Costs of Learning to Drive

If you’re starting to learn to drive, then I’m sure that you’ve been pre-warned about the costs involved with learning to drive. You’re probably getting fed up with all of the people asking you if you can afford it. If you’re new to driving, it’s usually a pretty good idea to get to grips with

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Student and Instructor Caught Drink Driving

It is common knowledge that you should not drink and drive as it is against the law. But recently in Southampton, a student taking his driving lessons was caught drink driving with his instructor! Both the instructor and driver blew 100+ when the police breathalysed them both after there was a call about a road

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5 Drivers Caught at 140mph

Drivers Breaking the Speed Limit Five drivers have recently been caught speeding over 140mph. The two fastest, were caught doing speeds of 146mph and were both caught on the M25. The three other drivers were also speeding at over 140mph, with one reaching 145mph, another at 141mph and the other, 140mph. Paul Witters, a member

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Bike Stolen in car Accident in Leeds

Bike Theft in Leeds A keen cyclist has spoken about how his £1,700 bike was stolen in broad daylight, when he was laying injured in the road following a collision with a 4×4.   55 year old Shane Fitzsimons from Bramley, Leeds was making his way to the shopping centre when he was knocked out

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Aylesbury Taxi Defects Rise

Faults with Aylesbury Cabs Increase Recently the Bucks Herald – Aylesbury’s local newspaper released some disturbing news about Aylesbury taxi defects on the increase. On September 1st 2013 the police completed 13 spot checks on private hire vehicles in Aylesbury. Eight of the vehicles had serious defects. So serious that the police removed their plates and

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Driving Lessons In Great Harwood

Offering Driving Lessons in Great Harwood Welcome to driveJohnson’s driving school in Great Harwood. Our passion is teaching pupils to drive and helping them pass their driving test as quickly as possible. We have one goal in mind: To help you pass as quickly and safely as possible in minimum time possible, saving you money

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