Pass Plus Course with driveJohnson’s

You can learn in one of our instructor cars or a Porsche Boxster, this is an opportunity to handle a faster vehicle whilst learning the pass plus modules.
This course is 6 hours long.

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Pass Plus

The Pass Plus scheme is a course most commonly used by new drivers to broaden and expand their range of driving skills. The course has been implemented by the DSA to expose you to various road conditions and hazards that you may encounter and most importantly; how to deal with them.

If you have been taking your driving lessons in Northampton then you may be very familiar with town driving but not necessarily comfortable with driving through the country side and obviously motorways.

The six modules enable you to become a more confident driver and as a result of that, can help you save money on your car insurance too!

Pass plus driving course only £150!

Pass Plus

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Town Driving

Towns are often busy with lots of pedestrians, one way traffic systems and complicated junctions, and also rush hour traffic to take into consideration…Learn the skills to deal with these and more.


All Weather Driving

We can provide you with the ability and confidence to drive in all weather conditions. Whether it be foggy, raining, snowing, light or dark we will teach you the correct way to drive safely.


Driving Out Of Town

When driving on country roads you will come across a variety of hazards from farm traffic to potholes, sharp bends.


Night Driving

Whilst driving at night a variety of factors come into play, you will have to learn to deal with dazzling lights, judge your speed and distance, use your lights efficiently and effectively, these are just a few factors that we will teach you.

Dual Carriageways

Driving On Dual Carriageways

Driving on multiple-lane roads requires many different skills. It is important that your lane discipline is strict, your observations are sharp and your concentration levels are high.


Driving On Motorways

Motorways are different to other road conditions, we will teach you how to drive on them safely and correctly under expert tuition.

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