Driving Instructor Training

Driving Instructor Training Overview

driveJohnson’s is an established driving school that provides approved driving instructor training courses for anyone that is considering a change of career and wishes to become a driving instructor.

To successfully become an approved driving instructor (ADI), you must successfully complete all three sections of the driving instructor training and final examinations. Part 1 of your training will cover your theory. You will then move on to Part’s 2 and 3 which covers your ability to drive and your ability to teach.

Each driving instructor training course we provide includes all of the following, unless stated otherwise:

  • 1-2-1 training with an approved driveJohnson’s trainer
  • Learning resources to help you pass each section of the course
  • Access to additional theory training and materials
  • Affordable training fee’s and payment options
  • Advice and guidance from a grade A driving instructor and trainer with more than 10 years experience

The Cost of Driving Instructor Training

Transparent Pricing

We operate on a “what you see is what you get basis”. We will never sub out our driving instructor training just because we do not have someone available in your area.

We offer two main training packages for those that wish to become a qualified instructor.

The first package being a fully inclusive training course that puts you in the best position to become an ADI, and the second being a semi-inclusive course that helps prepare you for the first two parts of your training – both come with additional learning materials to help you along the way.

Further information and specific prices can be found below.

Offer ends 20th April 2017

Option 1: Fully Inclusive £1445 Save £450 by paying upfront

Offer ends 20th December 2017
What you get Net cost to us
50 Hours Training 1-2-1 £1750 @ £35 p/h
Learning resources pack £145
Total (excluding discount) £1895
Now £144550 Hours 1-2-1 training - All practical tuition with your trainer. Many companies promote 50 hours, however a lot of the training is online. All learning resources needed to pass all 3 ADI tests included.
* £1000 cashback on your training

£1000 Cashback on your training – Only available with option 1

Receive £500 cashback when when you take out a driveJohnson’s franchise for 12 months.

Further £500 cashback after being with the company for 18 months.

After 18 months your training would have cost you just £450!

Payment Option 2: £330

What you get Net cost to us
First 10 hours training for part 1 & 2 £330
Theory test training included worth £30
Secure a trainer and book start date We don't sub any of our training out externally, unlike many national companies.
After first 10 hours, standard rates apply.
£33010 hours training, theory test training and secure a driveJohnson's trainer

Pay today and secure 1-2-1 training with an approved driveJohnson’s ADI trainer.

Many companies will sell 50 hours but in fact 20-30 odd hours can be classroom based, online training or your practical time can often be shared with 2-3 trainees where the companies sign up too many trainees.

At driveJohnson’s our online password protected training is free to trainee’s learning with us, plus you will receive 50 hours of 1-2-1 training. You really will get your monies worth with us!

If you choose option 1 or 2 you will secure a trainer immediately for the time you want to receive your training.

Partly trained or standard rates after completing option 2

Unfortunately we can’t do any major discounts on block bookings. If you have completed option 2 or you are coming to us ‘partly trained/qualified’ from another company then please use the prices below. If you haven’t passed Part 1 then you can still choose option 1 or 2 package.

The prices you see go straight to our trainers. driveJohnson’s doesn’t make any profit on driving instructor training. We rely on you qualifying and then joining us afterwards – which you’re not obliged to.

10 Hours Driving instructor training
Doesn't include any test fee's, resources or mentors
20 Hours Driving Instructor training
Doesn't include any test fee's, resources or mentors
30 Hours Driving Instructor Training
Doesn't include any test fee's, resources or mentors
40 Hours Driving Instructor Training
Doesn't include any test fee's, resources or mentors
50 Hours Driving Instructor Training
Doesn't include any test fee's, resources or mentors
1 Hour Driving Instructor Training
All training is 1-2-1

Test Fees

If you are finding it difficult to get through to the DVSA over the phone and you’re not sure how to pay online then we can do it for you. You must be doing your training with driveJohnson’s. We can also assist in finding you an earlier test too!

Part 1 Test Fee
Fee paid direct to DVSA
Part 2 Test Fee
Fee paid direct to DVSA
Part 3 Test Fee
Fee paid direct to DVSA

Learning Resources

If you are doing option 2, pay as you go or even learning with another company, you can purchase the driveJohnson’s recipe for success here.

Everything you need for part 1,2 & 3

This is a must for anyone just starting their driving instructor training. The pack includes:
• Part 1 - Online specific ADI theory training questions & hazard perception
• Part 2 - Progress manual/s
• Part 2/3 - Highway code
• Part 3 - phase 1 video collection which includes briefings and practical for each phase 1 subject
• Part 3 - Phase 2 Questions & Answers book
• Part 3 - Lesson planner
• Part 3 - Driving Manual
• Part 3 - DVSA Marking sheets PST 1-10
• Standards Check - Marking sheet explained
• Access to our online training zone (Exclusive to driveJohnson's trainees - password protected)

Driving Instructor Training Resources
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