Driving Instructor Training

driveJohnson’s is an established driving school that provides approved driving instructor training courses for anyone that is considering a change of career and wishes to become a driving instructor.

To successfully become an approved driving instructor (ADI), you must first successfully pass all three sections of the driving instructor training tests. Part 1 of your training will cover your theory, then moving onto parts 2 and 3 which cover your ability to drive and your ability to teach respectively.

Each driving instructor training course we provide includes all of the following, unless stated otherwise.

100% success with our driving instructor training courses

You’ll get the best possible training to get you on the path to your new career as an approved driving instructor. Once you pass, we’ll give you priority when applying for driveJohnson’s franchise.

  • driveJohnson’s is accredited by the DVSA’s Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers (ORDIT).
  • Nobody has failed the part 2 or 3 test three times with us meaning they can’t qualify as a driving school. Did you know the average pass rate for the part 3 test is around 30%?
  • All of our driving instructor trainers hold a grade A from their most recent standards check.
  • You’ll have 50 hours of local, one-to-one tuition with a dedicated trainer.
  • We will never sub your training out to an external training provider we don’t know, like many companies do.
  • We provide all the resources you need to qualify FREE online.
  • After you qualify with us, get up to £500 back on your training. Intensive, semi intensive and flexible weekly training options available.
  • We will have you busy with a full diary within 2-4 weeks. If we don’t get you busy then your are free to leave us and look for a franchise elsewhere.
  • Choose the payment option that suits you from £110.00 per month.
  • Pay now and secure a trainer for your area immediately. We never over book our trainers!
  • Trainee licence opportunity – earn while you complete your driving instructor training.
  • Online diary system which is accessible anywhere by phone, tablet or desktop.

Money back guarantee for driving instructor training

Let’s face it, any money back guarantees you see online are either of the following:

You must be tied into a franchise for 12-24 months, paying well over the odds to receive just your training fee back. For example, you pay over £20,000 in franchise fees to get just £1000-£2000 back.

Or, the money back guarantee for qualifying is so complicated that the chances of you get any money back is almost zero because of all the small print/terms and conditions .

driveJohnson’s driving instructor training keeps it simple – no complicated jargon. We offer £500 back on your training if you decide to join our franchise and our franchise costs are considerably lower than other national driving schools.


Conditions for our £500 cash back in brief:

You should join and be a franchisee of driveJohnson’s for 1 year to receive £250 back and a further 6 months to receive the remaining £250.
Don’t forget our franchise fee’s are considerably lower than our competitors and you are welcome to leave us with just 4 weeks notice. Most of our competitors require a compulsory 12-18 months paying £200+ a week in franchise. We’ll let you do the maths. Visit: 5 things you should know about instructor training and franchise

About our driving instructor training

It’s imperative to us that you receive one-to-one training with a grade A driving instructor. All of our driving instructor trainers are our own. When you join us you will receive access to our online Training Zone which is exclusive to anyone paying us for driving instructor training.

Before you join, speak to the owner of the company Anthony Johnson, grade A 51/51 (The highest grade you can get) and ORDIT registered, rather than a sales person. Hear it from the horses mouth rather than someone on commission that may not care about your training requirements. All driving instructor training is overseen by the owner which is probably why we have a 100% success (based on never having a trainee fail the part 2 or 3 three times).

Driving Instructor Training Zone
Instructor Briefings and Videos
driveJohnson's Lesson Planner

Driving Instructor Training Costs

Qualify for the £500 cash back offer on options 2 & 3

Offer ends 20th March 2019

Option 1: Monthly instalment plans

£1,999 £1,899 save £100

initial deposit of £399 followed by various monthly repayments
  • £399 Deposit + 10 months @ £150 Very Popular
  • £399 Deposit + 12 months @ £125
  • £399 Deposit + 8 months @ £187.50

£1,999 £1,799 save £200

initial deposit of £699 followed by various monthly repayments
  • £699 Deposit + 10 months @ £110
  • £699 Deposit + 8 months @ £137.50 Very Popular
  • £699 Deposit + 6 months @ £183.33 Great option for passing fast. Many instructors on trainee licence by month 3

£1,999 £1699 save £300

initial deposit of £899 followed by various monthly repayments
  • £899 Deposit + 6 months @ £133.33
  • £899 Deposit + 4 months @ £200

Option 2: Pay 50% now, 50% later

£1,999 £1549 save £450

  • Split it 50/50 (£774.50 x 2)

Option 3: Pay upfront

£1,999 £1549 save £450

  • Pay the full £1549

Option 4: Unsure/partly trained

Partly trained pay as you go, prices vary per area

If you have passed Part 1 and you are doing Part 2/3, then you may prefer pay as you go or a block. Please call the office on 01908 533023.

Get Assessed

A great way to see if you like your trainer!

Unsure if the job is for you? Try our £70 assessment.

  • 1.5 hours of driver training
  • 30 minute analysis
  • Q+A with trainer
  • Assessment Session £70

What happens after you pay your driving instructor training deposit?

You will receive a welcome email and login details for our online Portal and Training Zone so you can start reading up and practising for the driving instructing journey ahead of you.

We will also call you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) to confirm your your training, introduce ourselves and discuss your requirements further.

If you have any questions and you would rather speak to us first then please call the office: 01908 533023.


I came over to driveJohnson’s for my instructor training after doing one £1000 predominately online course. Obviously I didn’t read the 20 pages of small print, so I learnt the hard way. I think I had around 20 hours of training with the owner himself, Anthony, and I passed my ADI Part 3 first time. The training was obviously quality and I would recommend driveJohnson’s to anyone who is serious about their training. Since qualifying I decided to join driveJohnson’s and I haven’t looked back.
I decided to train with driveJohnson’s after my sister and a few friends passed with driveJohnson’s. I managed to complete the part 2 test on my own and with my sisters help. However, the ADI part 3 test is something you can’t learn about online fully or teach yourself. You need practical training. I received around 40 hours of training with Anthony and then went on to a trainee licence and passed first time. Anthony’s attention to detail is immaculate, his concise wording and intelligent ways of making things simple is what makes him stand out as one of the leading trainers in the UK in my opinion.
I trained with driveJohnson’s for part 2 and part 3. I passed exams first time. Excellent training, I don’t know anyone who has failed with them. Everyone I asked in advanced said they passed their part 3’s first time with driveJohnson’s.

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