What does ORDIT mean?

ORDIT stands for the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers.

Why choose an ORDIT trainer?

ORDIT was established by the DVSA to help people wanting to become a driving instructor make a better, educated choice of trainer and avoid wasting money on substandard training.

There are many instructors out there offering driving instructor training, however, many aren’t ORDIT registered. The DVSA published 41,633 active driving instructors in the UK, of which approximately only 500 are ORDIT registered.

In order to be ORDIT registered, you must pass several inspections and have your training documents reviewed – including terms and conditions, refund policy, complaints procedure etc.

A trainer registered to the establishment should also pass a practical driver training inspection to ensure the quality of the training provided is satisfactory.

Why aren’t there more instructor trainers on the ORDIT register?

If the register was free and didn’t require any effort or quality training standards then more trainers would obviously apply to be on it.

Many instructors don’t want to take the initial test and have ongoing inspections every 2 years. What does that say about the trainer or organisation?

Any instructor trainer that is serious about the industry and wants to provide the best possible standards should want to be on the ORDIT register. This way they can differentiate themselves from the 41,633 instructors across the UK.

If you are looking to become an instructor, always ask the trainer or training establishment in question if they are ORDIT registered.

Learn the driveJohnson’s way

There’s not many directors of national driving schools (if any) out there that keep up with the times like Anthony Johnson does.

Anthony Johnson is the owner of driveJohnson’s driving school (over 250 instructors) which is an ORDIT registered establishment.

He is also a registered ORDIT trainer and currently holds the highest grade possible on the standards check – grade A, 51/51.

With the above credentials, Anthony is in an extremely good place to choose instructor trainers he believes will give you the best possible chance of passing ADI tests.

You can see his recent ORDIT inspection and standards check which both have full marks which is a very rare and difficult achievement but also demonstrates his standards and ability as a fellow ADI.

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