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Why are we the best driving school in Kingston Upon Thames:

driveJohnson's driving school in Kingston Upon Thames believes in putting everything in your favour and giving you the best possible chance of passing first time. Unlike other driving schools in Kingston Upon Thames, driveJohnson's offer additional help to every pupil to ensure they have a higher chance of passing first time. So when you start your driving lessons with us you will receive the following:

• Free driving manual worth £19.99

• Free theory and hazard perception training available on any device - so you can practice anywhere/anytime.

• Test route videos including all the tricky areas within Kingston Upon Thames, giving you knowledge of all possible test routes.

• Receive mock driving tests leading up to your test, so you experience real test conditions and test routes.

We regularly monitor the performance of our all driving instructors and we believe that they are bubbly, enthusiastic and love teaching people to drive.

Block book driving lessons in Kingston Upon Thames from £20

We provide intensive driving lessons in Kingston Upon Thames which are structured and tailored to your needs. Unlike most intensive driving course companies we can offer an assessment lesson first so we can accurately assess your requirements and give you the best possible chance of passing first time. If you would like an intensive course or would like to be assessed then send our office mobile a text 'DRIVE KINGSTON UPON THAMES' to 63666 for a quick call back!

Alternatively email the office team and let us know a convenient time to call you back...

Get in touch – 24 hour response

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Existing Pupils*

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10 hour rebook deal
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10 hour automatic deal
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Add ons

Bundle Pack - was £25.99, now £15.99 Saving of £87.47 Driving Manual worth £19.99, driveYourself Audio CD worth £14.99, 25% off Pass Plus save £37.50, Online Theory Training on any device worth £14.99Makes a great gift and can be joined with any driving lesson purchase. Call the office if you would like to know more.

Terms & Conditions

* Only 1 offer applies. After the initial offer, please refer to existing pupils section. If you'd like to pay on the day of your first lesson, call: 01908 533 023.

We strongly advise all customers paying for 10 or more hours to pay driveJohnson’s by debit/credit card, PayPal, over the phone or online rather than cash to the instructor. Unfortunately, we cannot be held accountable for any cash or bank transfers made to the instructor directly. See our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Testimonials about our driving instructors…

Testimonial photo of Sarah Whitmore

I loved my driving lessons in Kingston Upon Thames, my instructor was really calm and understanding if I didn't quite get things first time around! Great company!

Experience With driveJohnson's:5 star rating

Testimonial photo of Kate Reynolds

My instructor was amazing! We practiced all the test routes so when it came to the test day it just felt like a normal lesson to me. I passed first time with just 1 minor! Thanks driveJohnson's.

Experience With driveJohnson's:5 star rating

Testimonial photo of Chelsea Coleman

Taking lessons with driveJohnson's was amazing. My instructor was so enthusiastic about teaching people learn how to drive. I couldn't wait for my lessons as he made them so enjoyable!

Experience with driveJohnson's:5 star rating

Testimonial photo of Georgia Stone

Any time that I'm asked who to learn to drive with I always say driveJohnson's. My instructor was always calm in the car which made lessons really enjoyable. I passed first time 3 minors.

Experience with driveJohnson's:5 star rating

driveJohnson's are rated 5/5 based on 4 customer reviews

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Operating hours

Monday-Friday: 7am-9pm
Saturday: 7am-8pm

Where to find us

Cromwell Rd,
Kingston upon Thames,
Greater London,

BOOKINGS & ENQUIRIES 01908 533 023
HEAD OFFICE 0800 4581 226
EMAIL enquiries@drivejohnsons.co.uk
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