Driving School in Hayes

When it comes to your driving lessons, it can be a little tricky to know where to start which is why our driving instructors will take you to a quieter estate or road to ensure you feel safe and secure during your first lesson.

After each of your lessons our driving instructor will also give you feedback on where you need to improve and will tailor your next lesson to your specific needs.

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driveJohnson's Hayes
Pupils who have recently passed fast with us in Hayes.

Intensive Courses Available in Hayes

Our intensive courses are something driveJohnson's is very well known for, we have an outstanding set of instructors who are highly trained in providing intensive lessons.

We always recommend to each of our students looking to book in for an intensive course to book an assessment lesson. It enables our instructor to adjust the lesson plan specific to your needs and means you are more likely to pass quickly and safely.

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How much do driving lessons cost in Hayes?

New Starter Offers (Ends Soon)

  • 1 hour taster lesson
    £26 £24
    3 sold in the last 24 hours
  • 2 hour assessment
    £50 £45
    7 sold in the last 24 hours
  • 10 hour block booking deal
    £240 £230
    5 sold in the last 24 hours

Intensive/Block Courses

Existing Pupils

New Starter Offers (Ends Soon)

  • 10 hour automatic deal
    £270 £260

Intensive/Block Courses

  • 10 hour automatic course
    £270 £260

Existing Pupils

  • 1 hour automatic lesson
  • 10 hour automatic rebook

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Get a helping hand...

Purchase our great driving lessons add-ons to help you pass even faster.

Bundle Pack

potential saving of £37.50

Get access to theory training (usually £14.99), our famous driving manual (£19.99) and 25% off pass plus courses with a bundle pack.

£25.99 £15.99

Theory Training

Get up to scratch with your driving theory knowledge by purchasing our theory test training.

£14.99 £6.99

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What do people think about driveJohnson's?

Rated 5 out of 5

Based on 39 customer reviews


Jassim was a great teacher when I was learning to drive. He made lessons fun and simple to understand. He made me realise I still had a lot to learn and wasn't as good as I thought beforehand but made me the good driver I am today.


Great instructor, enjoyable lessons.


After changing driving schools and instructors, I was given Hassnain as my instructor, and he was great. He taught me in such a simple way that meant I needed very few lessons and passed the first time. He was really supportive and only put me up to my test when we were both 100% sure that I would pass.


I loved learning to drive with my instructor Hassnain! I know a lot of my friends who used to dread lessons, but I always looked forward to getting behind the wheel again. Hassnain gave me tonnes of advice on how to remember manoeuvres and made sure that I was fully prepared for anything that may have come up on my test. I was so happy when I passed the first time with 2 minors!!


Hassnain is a fantastic instructor; he was so patient with me and never lost his temper. Even when I made a mistake he took his time when correcting me; I fully recommend Hassnain.


My driving instructor Jassim was great from start to finish; he was great from start to finish. I also passed first time, he was a fantastic teacher and can't recommend him enough.


Hassnain is the best instructor I could have asked for! He always found quirky ways to help me to remember manoeuvres and gave me useful progress cards at the end of each lesson so I knew the goals I could work towards in my next lesson.


I learnt to drive with Jassim in a Vauxhall Astra and he was such a good teacher. I then also decided to get an Astra as my first car as I enjoyed driving it so much. I always felt very safe with Jassim and enjoyed his lessons. Great teacher and instructor - I would recommend him


After taking lessons in the past with another driving school and getting nowhere, I gave myself one more attempt to nail it, and I'm so happy I went to Drivejohnsons! Hassnain was my driving instructor, and I honestly couldn't recommend him enough. You could really tell that he loved teaching and was so enthusiastic every lesson making me feel so confident!


A huge thank you to Jassim for helping me to pass my test! Before I started lessons with him, I was with a really bad instructor at another driving school who really knocked my confidence. Jassim made me love driving again!


I was a very nervous driver, Saide soon built up my confidence in my driving and was able to pass 1st time.
Highly recommend Saide, very professional.


I was booked in with Saide for a surprise birthday lesson. It really was an fantastic first lesson for me. I was super nervous but all that went away as soon as we started. Saide made me feel really comfortable. I have so far done 15 hours and have a few more to go but enjoying my lessons with him.


Hassnain was a great teacher and always made my lessons easy to follow and enjoyable. Lessons were clearly planned out and based around my strengths, weaknesses and what was left to learn. I passed really quickly with only three minors so I am really happy with Hassnain.


I was really nervous when I first started lessons, but Hassnain made me feel so comfortable. He was happy to keep going over things until I felt confident and didn't make me feel under pressure if I forgot something or got something wrong. Hassnain is such a patient, friendly and professional instructor, I really enjoyed lessons with him!


Couldn't be happier with my experience with Drivejohnsons and my instructor, Jassim! All of my lessons were thoroughly planned out and I was really impressed with the progress cards that Jassim gave me at the end of each lesson. They made me feel as if I had such a productive lesson and couldn't wait for my next!


I'd highly recommend Hassnain as your instructor if you are learning to drive around Greenford. I learnt with Hassnain and he was the best teacher. He really helped build my confidence on the road.


Thanks so much to Hassnain for my driving lessons, I passed the first time! Couldn't be happier with the way my driving lessons went, he was considerate and patient every step of the way.


Jassim was my instructor when I was learning to drive and he taught me everything I know. He was thorough, professional and friendly. I'd recommend anyone to him who I looking to learn to drive around the Slough area


Would most definitely give my instructor Jassim Meah 5/5 stars! He was so friendly and never made me feel pressured if I ever made any mistakes. It helped me to build my confidence and go into my test feeling positive. I passed first time with just 4 minors, couldn't be happier!


We did very good lessons, saide was really good instructor and always planning my lessons so we can cover things that I was finding difficulties with. I am very nervous learner but he was so patient and good with explaining to me so I felt much better and glad I booked with saide.


Hassnain was my instructor when learning with driveJohnson's and he was amazing. He was adamant that I would pass as soon as possible which I did with only two minors. He made sure I was a confident yet safe driver and felt very positive about taking my test


Saide, well where do I start. This man is ledge. He was honest with me in my first assessment lesson and advised me the areas that i needed to work on, to be honest thats what i wanted. Someone to tell me what was what. He has passed be in 15 hours and 0 Minors!!! :D Thank you Saide, Keep smiling!!!


My instructor was Hassnain when I was learning to drive and he was a top teacher! He really helped to build my confidence and make me the confident driver I am today. He was also great at explaining manoeuvres and made my lessons enjoyable and fun. I'd definitely recommend Hassnain if you're from the Uxbridge area


Hassnain was a great instructor. His patient, calm nature enabled me to be more relaxed whilst taking lessons. From the start he conveyed confidence in my ability, despite my initial struggles, and this in turn allowed me to be more confident in myself on the road and eventually pass my test.


Hassnain made me feel very confident in driving, he communicated well through every lesson and at the end of it, told me what I needed to focus on in my private learning along with what we would be doing in my next driving lesson.


If you're looking to pass your test the first time, then book lessons with Hassnain at Drivejohnsons! Every lesson was planned out ahead of time so no time was wasted and I left every lesson feeling as if I'd been so productive. Would highly recommend!


Just passed my test first time with Jassim, he is friendly and calm. Each lesson was great; he took the time to explain everything to me and ensured I understood if I was struggling


Jassim not only taught me to drive but also taught me how to be a safer driver on the road. Thanks so much for being such a lovely driving instructor, I loved learning to drive!


Passed my test 1st time with Saide, he was a great instructor


Thank you Saide for helping me pass with my theory and my driving you are the best instructro!!!! Everyone should book with him because he will help you pass very quickly and simply wasting no time with you at all.


I had been recommended Hassnain by a friend; I am so thankful I went with him, he is a great instructor. He gave me great advice when it came to my bad driving habits and has helped me become a safer driver


I couldn't have asked for a better instructor than Jassim! I was such a nervous driver at first, but he was so patient helping me to become a confident driver who passed with just 3 minors!


Drivejohnsons make learning to drive so easy! Everything was so clear from the moment that I called to book my lessons and my instructor, Jassim, was so friendly, professional and the best instructor I could have had!


I was a very late learner and not very confident when I first started driving, but Jassim really helped to build my confidence and teach me everything I needed to know. I ended up passing first time (much to my surprise) and that was all down to Jassim's great teaching.


Booked my boy in for lessons with Johnsons, we got given Saide for lessons. He was on time and introduced himself on the 1st one. For his 1st lesson they did 2 hours and he covered loads in them hours so he was over the moon. Glad I chose these guys and my sons looking forward to the rest of his lessons with Saide


Jassim is a great instructor; he took the time to make sure I felt confident in the manoeuvre before moving onto the next. He is extremely patient, and I cannot recommend him enough!


I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Jassim; he was so patient throughout each lesson and ensured I felt confident in everything I did.


I passed first time with Hassnain; he is a great instructor! Not only was he very professional, but he was also extremely sweet and calming.


I had failed my driving test three times before I finally had lessons with driveJohnson's and it was down to Jassim that I finally managed to pass - even though I thought I never would! I realised how wrong my past teacher had been teaching me just to get me to buy more lessons! However Jassim was amazing and got me to pass really quickly. Would recommend driveJohnson's!

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Our first time pass rate in Hayes Show more
Our 1st time pass rate in your area 90.6% Over the last 12 months
Nearest test centre to Hayes Show more

Nearest test centres to Hayes

DVSA Hayes Driving Test Centre

Fourways House, Rigby Lane, Swallowfield Way, Hayes, UB3 1ET

DVSA Yeading Driving Test Centre

DVSA Uxbridge Driving Test Centre

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What to expect from driveJohnson's

Whether you're a student at Brunel Uni, or living locally, driveJohnson's can tailor each lesson to your needs. With a number of test centres within 3 miles, such as Hayes, Yeading and Uxbridge, your instructor will be able to show you the popular test routes used and have you ready to take your test in no time!

Taking your test in Hayes means you will be challenged immediately when you turn onto Swallowfield Way with potential oncoming cars approaching with parked cars usually on your side of the road. Make sure your meeting other traffic skills are good, as this will be tested first. You will most likely proceed onto Dawley road afterwards which is a 30mph, but many learners forget as the vehicles in front do tend to exceed 30mph. With no road sign updates and it not looking like a built-up area, it's easy to think it's a faster road and fail your test. That's just a little taster, but whatever route you get you can be assured our approved instructor will look after you and make sure you know the area well before the big day!

Where to find us Show more

Where to find us

driveJohnson's Hayes, Judge Heath Lane, Hayes, UB3 2PG
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