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Here at driveJohnson's, we have a large roster of highly qualified instructors who can collect you and drop you off at a convenient place for you, whether it is school, university or a place of work we can make your life easy.

All of the instructors at our driving school in Hendon provide lessons at an affordable price starting from £20, so why not get booked in today with a dedicated member of our office team.

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Pupils who have recently passed fast with us in Hendon.

Intensive Driving Courses in Hendon

We offer a wide range of intensive driving courses in Hendon, all of which can be specifically tailored to your needs. We always recommend taking an assessment lesson beforehand so our instructors can understand your driving ability and can plan your intensive lessons.

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How much do driving lessons cost in Hendon?

New Starter Offers (Ends Soon)

  • 1 hour taster lesson
    £23 £20
    1 sold in the last 24 hours
  • 2 hour assessment
    £46 £40
    6 sold in the last 24 hours
  • 10 hour block booking deal
    £230 £220
    10 sold in the last 24 hours

Intensive/Block Courses

Existing Pupils

New Starter Offers (Ends Soon)

  • 10 hour automatic deal

Intensive/Block Courses

  • 10 hour automatic course

Existing Pupils

  • 1 hour automatic lesson
  • 10 hour automatic rebook

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Purchase our great driving lessons add-ons to help you pass even faster.

Bundle Pack

potential saving of £37.50

Get access to theory training (usually £14.99), our famous driving manual (£19.99) and 25% off pass plus courses with a bundle pack.

£25.99 £15.99

Theory Training

Get up to scratch with your driving theory knowledge by purchasing our theory test training.

£14.99 £6.99

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What do people think about driveJohnson's?

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After driving my son around for 17 years, I had decided as a parent that as soon as he was 17 he would pass his test and the tables would be turned! My son has got mild autism, but due to the stresses of learning to drive had asked me if I would mind him doing his test in an automatic (which of course was fine with me). I called Drive Johnsons and purchased 10 hours as a birthday gift for him (I even got a card and voucher from them in the post). He started his lessons with Hamid, surprised himself with how rapidly he picked everything up and 2 months after turning 17 he passed his driving test with 6 driver faults. Very proud father, however I definitely couldn't have made this possible for my boy without the assistance of Hamid - highly recommended!


So happy to have passed my driving test today with just 2 minors thanks to the help of Bene! I couldn't have asked for a better instructor - Bene was friendly, professional and had loads of great tips to help me to remember manoeuvres which is something that I really struggled with!


Couldn't recommend Susanna more. I was very nervous and she helped me build up my confidence so I passed first time!


I did my lessons with Hamid and passed my test after 25 hours! My lessons were always structured and I looked forward to seeing him and learning something new everytime! If you're in need of automatic lessons with a top instructor, he's your guy!


Although I wish I could have passed in manual, i had to get my lessons and test done within a month so i could take a new job i was offered. When i called drive johnsons they were honest and said they would just try their best to get something sorted out for me. In the same day a girl from their office called back and said she could book it was someone called Hamid and he would be able to help with what i was looking for - the same week i did my first lesson with Hamid, and he went out of his way to help me out and make sure everything was booked and in place so i could do my test in time - cheers Hamid, great instructor


My son did lessons on and off for years with a guy in a manual car, probably totalling somewhere around 80-90 hours! after a while, we figured he should probably try some lessons in automatic instead and see if he could get through his test any quicker......it only took 10 hours with Mr Yazdi before Harry did his test and passed with 2 minors!!!! highly impressed, and will recommend Hamid to anyone looking for lessons hes fantastic!


I couldn't believe how quickly I started to pick up different driving skill when I started learning with Bene! I was learning with a different driving school in the past and felt like I was getting no where, so was so happy when I started with Bene and settled straight into driving!!


I couldn't ask for anything more with Bene; she is a wonderful instructor. She knows exactly what she is talking about and has a variety of techniques for nervous drivers.


Bene is a great driving instructor, she took the time to tell me exactly how manoeuvres should be carried out. Ben is extremely patient and caring, which has lead me to becoming a much safer driver!


Just passed first time with Bene! After having a rubbish experience with another driving school and taking some time out, I was really nervous to begin lessons again. The super friendly office team told me about Bene and they said she would be the best person to start building my confidence and they were so right! So happy with my experience with Drivejohnsons and my amazing instructor Bene!


I came to Susanna as I failed my test with two other instructors, I was going to give up but she kept me going and 10 hours later I passed with just 3 minors thanks to her. Great instructor and really lifted my confidence when I thought I couldn't do it anymore.


Bets instructor in Barnet. If you want to pass first time - Call driveJohnson's/Susanna!


Bene is such an excellent instructor! She was always so positive even when I was having a bad day, which made me feel confident and happy with my progress. I always felt as if I left each lesson with brand new skills and as a better driver!


Bene is both relaxed and professional; she was great at answering any questions you had. If I wasn't too sure of anything or felt I needed more practice Bene was more than happy to guide me through each step.


An outstanding instructor! I couldn't be happier with the lessons I had with Bene. She was brilliant at what she did and made me feel confident before taking my test, which I ended up passing first time!


I just passed my test today, all thanks to Susanna. She's a brilliant instructor. Woooooooooooooop. Beep, beep. See ya on the roads everyone!!!


I had a driving instructor with another company which made me feel awful after every lesson. After speaking with the office team I had a few requirements for my new instructors as I was incredibly nervous. Bene was utterly fabulous with me, she guided me through each lesson and whenever I got nervous she had a range of coping techniques. She's fab!


i did do 7 lessons with mr hamid now and he always is on time for my lesson and never teaches me badly. i like my lessons with mr hamid and i cant wait to do more and pass my test with him too.


I've put off driving for years and years due to nerves (as well as living in London!). I did my 1st lesson with Hamid in January 2019, and passed my test in the 2nd week of March 2019! My lessons were always easy and he really did take his time with me and stayed patient. I'm so glad he has helped me to overcome my nerves and get my license at 59 years old, I can't thank him enough.


After failing twice with another driving school, I wanted to make sure that I went with the next best driving school for my next test and Drivejohnsons definitely was that! My instructor Bene was so lovely and really patient helping me to build my confidence. I went on to pass with her with just 4 minors!!


I had my driving lessons with Bene, from day one she was absolutely excellent. Not only did she take the time to make sure I was comfortable, but she was also lovely to chat to throughout each lesson, which made it that much better!


Manual driving I find very difficult and not for me. I call Johnsons Driving School to get lessons with automatic tuition, I had 35 hrs with Mr Yazdi so I could feel more confidence and know how to be driving very well. Then I pass my test and get UK drivers lisense. I am pleased with Mr Yazdi and very glad and happy he was my teacher in driving


Bene is an absolutely fantastic instructor, she was adamant as soon as I perfected my manoeuvres and felt confident to book my test. So, I did and passed first time with only one minor! Cannot recommend her enough


Unbelievable instructor. Taught me all the test routes in Barnet inside/out. On the day of my test there was nothing I hadn't seen before. Always on time, never cancelled. I would recommend to anyone serious about learning to drive. Don't mess this lady about she has a long waiting list - took me 2 weeks to get booked back in with her because I cancelled one lesson. That's how good she is!


I have been driving for 18 yrs in my home country in Poland but in the United Kingdom I am unsure about the regulations and the rules in your driving. I called driving johnsons and after doing 2 hrs with hamid I know now what to do and how to be driving with confidence in the United Kingdom


The instructor I was given by driveJohnsons was honestly amazing! Bene had me driving in no time; I was working on my manoeuvres every lesson and passed the first time.

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Our first time pass rate in Hendon Show more
Our 1st time pass rate in your area 89.8% Over the last 12 months
Nearest test centre to Hendon Show more

Nearest test centres to Hendon

DVSA Hendon Driving Test Centre

3 Aviation Drive, Beaufort Park, Hendon, NW9 5TZ

DVSA Mill Hill Driving Test Centre

DVSA Borehamwood Driving Test Centre

Instructor tip of the month Show more

Test tip of the month for Hendon

When you are taking a test at Hendon test centre, you will leave the car park turning right out of the bay. Be mindful of the kerbs near the flower beds as they are quite sharp. When you come to the end of the road at the giveaway lines, keep well to the left and STOP as it’s blind. Ensure to make effective observations to the left, in case anyone is emerging from car park on the left - and ahead, check both left and right again before you turn right.

Susanna Fox - driving instructor in Hendon

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Learning To Drive with driveJohnson's

All of our fully qualified instructors have one goal - to help you pass first time and as quickly as possible. They are extremely knowledgeable on the areas surrounding Hendon, such as Brent Cross and Mill Hill, so can take you through the test routes used during your lessons. With free theory test training for every pupil, along with a whole host of free benefits, you'd be hard pushed to find a more supportive driving school in Hendon.

Our instructors are very accommodating and regularly pick their learners up from Hendon central underground coming off the popular Northern line. Some learners who want to get the most for their money will also get a bus into the area, routes coming in from Brent Cross shopping centre, Wembley and the west end. If you start your lessons in the test centre area then obviously you will pick the area up quicker which is a good thing when it comes to taking the driving test in Hendon. So wherever you want to be picked up from home/work or meet at a bus/train station - our local driving instructors in Hendon will work with you.

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Where to find us

driveJohnson's Hendon, Elliot Road, Hendon, London, NW4 3DS
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