Driving Lessons in Pinner

With its relatively stress-free roads and a test centre which has a decent pass rate, Pinner has always been popular with learner drivers. If you’re a beginner, your driveJohnson’s instructor will help you learn the basics around some of Pinner’s quieter streets such as Moss Lane and the peaceful residential roads around Hatch End (like Lytton Road for instance, where you’ll learn about meeting other cars). Once confident you’ll build up to other roads and become familiar with Pinner’s test routes- including Cuckoo Hill and the dual carriageway on King George V Avenue.Increase your chances of passing first time by taking your driving lessons in Pinner with driveJohnson's!

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With knowledge of the local test routes, our instructors will take you on roads that you'll be driving on during your practical test. They'll make sure that you feel comfortable using trickier roads like the A404 and A4125 as well as quieter areas for all of your manoeuvres. With an app available to track your progress as well as full theory training free of charge, driveJohnson's is one of the only driving schools in Pinner that you can be sure of supporting you from start to finish.

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    £46 £40
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What do people think about driveJohnson's?

Rated 5 out of 5

Based on 42 customer reviews


John was an excellent driving instructor; from the very beginning, he was extremely patient. Even with the more complex manoeuvres, he would make sure I felt confident in what I was doing and if not would explain in detail.


I did 10 lessons with this john and passed my test. He is the greatest instructor anybody who be doing lessons with him is lucky and you will pass the drivers test and be on the roads in no time at all with john. I hope that all my friends and my family will listen and chose to go with john for there lessons.


Nisha is a wonderful teacher. I couldn't praise her more. She was teaching my daughter Sophie to drive, she has autism and i know at times that was very challenging for a number of reasons. Having struggled in the past with other instructors we was beginning to think that driving may not be for Sophie. However Nisha was so encouraging and persevered week in and week out, today she passed her test!! We have 1 very very happy girl and i'm so grateful to Nisha for your brilliance and understanding. x


I passed my driving test thanks to Florin!! Florin is an excellent instructor and extremely professional. He was patient through the whole of my journey and always reassuring me.


I can’t recommend Nisha highly enough; she is an outstanding and reliable instructor, with a calm disposition which immediately puts you at ease. I looked forward to our lessons, which were always a pleasure and never a chore (for me, anyway!).

As a man in my early thirties, not being able to drive has for me been a bit of a stigma for some time. In truth, it was something I never really had the confidence to pursue. I have had several instructors before, none of whom really struck me as having the necessary temperament or supportive personality.

I can honestly say that, with Nisha’s help, what had become a bit of a phobia and the source of much stress was made all the more bearable. Getting through my test was a feeling of elation and is something which will have a transformative effect on my life.

Nisha is a credit to drivejohnson’s. Thanks for everything!


extremely reliable instructor! she kept me at ease for times i may not have felt the most confident, very helpful when trying to fit lessons around my college schedule. Nisha is by far the best instructor i’ve had and thanks so much for all your help!


Couldn't recommend John from Drivejohnsons enough! John had such a fantastic knowledge of the Watford area, and there was honestly no questions that he couldn't answer. He explained every manoeuvre in depth and came up with different fun ways that would help me to remember the steps!


John was my instructor and I passed my driving test first time after 9 lessons ( 18 hours ) with only 4 minor mistakes. He is so good at teaching and he is trying to make you confident. I highly recommend him as an istructor. Thank you John.


Fantastic instructor! Reliable and learnt something new every lesson. Thanks Nisha


Massive thank you to Nisha and drivejohnsons. From the very first call to the office to passing my test, the whole experience has been easy and a great experience. I learnt more in the 10 hours i had with Nisha than any of the 18 hours with another instructor! It just shows the right instructor is everything!! Nisha your the best!!!


Passed my test today! Thanks to Nisha and her great teaching.If you want a fun instructor who makes learning to drive easy then she is your woman.


Everything with florin is accurate and professional. i had driven before in my home country but never over here in the UK. I came for refresher lessons. Thank you for making me feel at ease. Appreciate your tips and advise for me moving forward.


Was so happy when I managed to pass in just two weeks with John! I really wanted to pass before I went to uni and John made that happen for me. The lessons were so productive and each was planned beforehand so we didn't waste any time. To anyone looking to pass quick, book your lessons with John!


I came to Florin with such low confidence. I was not ready to drive as so frightened but Florin has just built so much confidence in me. Taken every lesson step by step. No pressure. My own pace. I have a test booked in and i am hopeful i will do great. I just wanted to say thank you to florin for everything so far as i actually never saw myself driving. #florinisthebest


Couldn't have asked for a better instructor than John! He always made sure that my lessons fit around my college hours and was always happy to pick me up from wherever best suited me. He gave me a progress card at the end of each lesson, so I felt confident with my progress and could set goals for my next lesson!


John's a sick instructor, car was decent - small and well kept. Gassed that I passed my test 2nd time after I started doing lessons with John, everyone needs to hit this guy up for lessons!!!


I do many lesson with Mr.Wehlan and he was so helpful with me and my training, he gives me free online help with theory practice and he never is yelling or telling me I am bad, just talking with me about how we can always improve with my learning.


I found driveJohnson's online - looking for intensive courses. I wasn't able to do an intensive course in the end due to starting a new job but my instructor Florin was very accommodating.I really dreaded my lessons before starting with Florin and at the end I couldn't wait for the next lesson. Florin was incredible and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn with a really nice guy with a great teaching style.Thank you Florin & driveJohnsons.


I booked my first ten lessons with John; he is a fantastic driving instructor! I cannot recommend him enough, he is a rigorous teacher and will tell you when you are making a mistake, but this all leads to helping you become a better driver.


I have one word for Nisha as my instructor which is AMAZING! She was such a calm, friendly and reliable instructor who never let me down.

Driving lessons and mainly tests was something I always got rather anxious with and my experiences with previous instructors has not been great either. However, Nisha always knew how to make me feel comfortable during lessons, ease my anxiety with her calm nature and increase my confidence.

I loved how she would always make me reflect on my mistakes, ensure I knew exactly where I went wrong and what was needed of me to improve. She assisted me in getting rid of poor habits I picked up with previous instructors, and her knowledge of the car itself (even when she can’t see what I’m doing with my feet!) is absolutely spot on!!

Praising her skills as an instructor and recommending her is not enough. She requires high recognition for her role as an instructor and I am sure everyone else who has been her student feels the same way. There are no negatives and I will honestly miss seeing her on a regular basis!


The best instructor! I pass my test today and so excited i did it. Thank you for your all your help


I had been with another driving company for at least 20 hours of my driving. I didn't feel i had progressed as much as i should off as my instructor kept letting me down so i made the decision to find a new instructor. I found My G... Florin. He had so much knowledge he was funny, professional and advised me on the areas i needed to work on. We put a plan in place and ticked them off on each lesson. Thanks to Florin i passed first time with No minors. Thank you Florin - Top Dog Man.


Such a great instructor deserves recognition, She has been consistent and encouraging with both my son's who have successfully passed their tests on the first attempt. Nisha has been extremely patient and informative throughout and made learning to drive a brilliant experience. We all wish you the very best for future and they will miss the lessons with you.
The Howitts


Nisha was always patient and positive, even though I was a very nervous driver and had to be told everything a hundred times! She was reliable and generous with her time and she helped me to feel calm and in control. She was also kind enough to work around my busy schedule. I had been putting off learning to drive for years, and I’m so pleased and proud to have passed my test. Thank you Nisha!


I am eternally grateful to have found such an amazing driving instructor! I passed with just 3 minor errors in the very first attempt, thanks to John!! He is so calm and composed and his lessons are very well structured! I used to dread driving test before I met John and I can't thank him enough for completely changing my perception about the whole experience! I would highly recommend John Whelan to all learning drivers. Thank you John!!


Thoroughly recommend John from driveJohnson's, he is a fantastic instructor! He was great at communicating with me in the lessons and made sure I knew exactly what I was doing every step of the way.


I am really happy with my lessons so far; John has taken the time and consideration to plan out all of my lessons. They also lead on from one another so you can see how much you are progressing!


Nisha is a very reliable, kind and patient instructor. She was never late to my house and always double checked with me and reminded me when our lessons were. I passed first time because of her teaching and I am very happy that she taught me well.


very gd lessons to get licence very quick. he very clear when givings instruction and help me with my mistake. i do 7 lessons with mr john and we pass test after doing these. mr john is defintley worth the money we are paying


Doing my driving lessons with drivejohnsons was one of the best things i could have done. Instructor made me feel confident on the road, brilliant at explaining and breaking things down so it is better to understand he believed in me and pushed me until i passed and you are always guaranteed a laugh. Hands down brilliant driving instructor and would highly recommend to anyone


I needed my license fast and John certainly did that for me he was very reliable,honest and easy going plus his prices were among the best .I always got the full hour no shortcuts with this man.He was always on time and his car was in tip top shape.I had only 6 hours of lessons with John before my test and i had no others lessons at all with anyone else.
Test day came and yes i had nerves but JOHN does his best to make you feel relaxed ,Test over i passed first time with 0 Faults,John tells me this is rare so that was an extra bonus.
All in all if you need lessons no matter what your skill level is I can recommend John without hesitation and will recommend him to any of my friend and family.
Thanks John you're a Legend!


John was always really flexible and accommodating of my needs, having 4 young children it's difficult finding time for driving lessons and even harder to keep it up and stay consistent, however with John's hours and commitment, he got me in at least once a week and I passed my test with him too!! He's extremely organised and our lessons were always planned - which was great as I am extremely unorganised!


Buna ziua. As dori sa fac școală de soferi in limba română este posibil?


I had an amazing experience with my driving instructor John, he was so good at teaching and made sure I was completely test ready before telling me to book in. I also passed first time, which made my experience even better!


After learning with a different driving school in the past who always let me down, I was so happy when I came across Drivejohnson's. After explaining all the hassle I'd had in the past, the lovely office team booked me in with John, and I couldn't have been more grateful. John is the best instructor I could have asked for and really is amazing at his job!


I passed my test the first time with just 5 minors thanks to John Sundaresan at Drivejohnsons! John is so encouraging no matter what, even when you're having a bad day he helps to lighten your mood so that you still feel confident. I'm so happy to have passed so quickly, see you on the roads!


Florin is a fantastic instructor, patient, polite and extremely supportive.


If you want to learn with the best book in with Nisha!! having been with other instructors i can honestly say she is another level and stands out as exceptionally good.


Florin is an epic instructor. He conquered my phobia of roundabouts. Passed first time with 1 minor. i actually miss our jokes in the car - he always made me feel at ease, no pressure. Top instructor.


Amazing instructor very patient and makes u feel relaxed gets rid of the nerves almost straight away passed first time and wud highly recommend him


I can not recommend Nisha more! She was a great instructor and every lesson was fun. Thank you so much for all your time and effort getting me to drive.


I can't express enough, how much I LOVED my lessons with John!! He's such a lovely person and really made me feel at ease in my lessons as I was sooooooo nervous when I started!! Being a driver around London is probably one of the most nerve wrecking things as in my experience, the people where I live drive like lunatics! But after about 2 or 3 hours with John, my confidence started increasing and before I knew it, I had passed my test!! Privileged that I was given the most brilliant instructor I could have asked for, I will always be grateful! Thanks John X

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