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Why Choose Our Driving School in Streatham

driveJohnson’s has been established for over 10 years. As a driving school in Streatham, we have been running for many years.
Our success in Streatham comes down to two main points:
a) Quality driving instruction by qualified driving instructors only.
b) Knowing the test route areas.

You will hear many driving instructors in Streatham say it’s about teaching someone to drive for life and we totally agree, however nobody wants to be learning to drive their whole life either. So we believe we have a fantastic balance of teaching our pupils to drive safely but also encouraging them to book their driving test as soon as they are ready.
Our driving instructors in Streatham have a wealth of teaching experience and all possess a first time pass rate of over 90%, so the moment they can see the pupil is a competent driver – they will usually advise the pupil to book their driving test in anticipation that the pupil will be ready when the test date comes around. This gives ‘you’ the pupil something to aim for as ultimately you will try harder when you can see a goal to aim for.

Regular Driving Lessons and Intensive Courses in Streatham

Whether you are looking for frequent weekly driving lessons in Streatham or an intensive driving course, we can help you out! If you’re looking to take an intensive driving course in Streatham then we recommend you try our famous assessment lesson first. Once our instructor has seen you drive, they can advise roughly how many hours you need and what time span they can accommodate the lessons.

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New Starter Offers*

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Intensive/Block Courses*

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10 hour automatic course

Existing Pupils

1 hour student
1 hour non student
10 hour rebook deal
1 hour automatic lesson
10 hour automatic deal
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Add ons

Bundle Pack - was £25.99, now £15.99 Saving of £87.47 Driving Manual worth £19.99, driveYourself Audio CD worth £14.99, 25% off Pass Plus save £37.50, Online Theory Training on any device worth £14.99Makes a great gift and can be joined with any driving lesson purchase. Call the office if you would like to know more.

Credit Card Fraud Prevention

Please be aware when making payments over the phone you may be asked extra security questions to confirm your identity. ?

Terms & Conditions

* Only 1 offer applies. After the initial offer, please refer to existing pupils/standard lessons section. If you'd like to pay on the day of your first lesson, call: 01908 533 023.

We strongly advise all customers paying for 10 or more hours to pay driveJohnson’s by debit/credit card, PayPal, over the phone or online rather than cash to the instructor. Unfortunately, we cannot be held accountable for any cash or bank transfers made to the instructor directly. See our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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Testimonials about our driving instructors…

Testimonial photo of Jamie Barking

My instructor was a top lad we had great banter in all my lessons. I definitely passed first time because I was so comfortable in the car.

Experience With driveJohnson's:5 star rating

Testimonial photo of Gazala Atif

My instructor really pushed me to bring my test forward as I wasn't sure I'd be ready but he made sure I passed first time and I only had 5 minors.

Experience With driveJohnson's:5 star rating

Testimonial photo of Rebecca Hallow

My instructor was really patient and understanding, he knew I was really nervous to begin with but after a few lessons with him my nervousness had disappeared.

Experience with driveJohnson's:5 star rating

Testimonial photo of Kate Spellman

I can't thank driveJohnsons enough, I really enjoyed every lesson with them and definitely recommend them to anyone.

Experience with driveJohnson's:5 star rating

driveJohnson's are rated 5/5 based on 2321 customer reviews

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Operating hours

Monday-Friday: 7am-9pm
Saturday: 7am-8pm

Where to find us

Streatham High Road
SW16 1HJ

BOOKINGS & ENQUIRIES 01908 533 023
HEAD OFFICE 0330 124 4877
EMAIL enquiries@drivejohnsons.co.uk
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