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Are you looking for local driving lessons with a quality local driving school in Watford? Well, you’ve landed on the right page. driveJohnson’s provides cheap driving lessons in Watford without compromising our standards. We have a 1st time pass rate of over 81% for this year. You won’t be able to find any other driving school in Watford that offers such a high pass rate. This is due to the fact that all of our instructors are vetted by the owner personally who is a Grade A 51/51 driving instructor himself. All of our instructors are regularly trained and most importantly we only use our own instructors. We won't sub your hard earned money out to a driving instructor we don't know like the online booking agents! Find out more about the online booking agents here. All our instructors in Watford live in and know the area very well, so they always know what's around the next corner!

Driving instructors offering the following services

  • Manual & automatic driving lessons
  • Intensive driving lessons
  • Weekly driving lessons
  • Driving instructor training Find out more

How much do driving lessons cost in Watford?

New Starter Offers (Ends Soon)

  • 1 hour taster lesson
    £23 £20
  • 2 hour assessment
    £46 £35
  • 10 hour block booking deal
    £230 £220

Intensive/Block Courses

Existing Pupils

New Starter Offers (Ends Soon)

  • 10 hour automatic deal

Intensive/Block Courses

Existing Pupils

Terms & Conditions

Starter offers are limited to one per pupil - standard rates will then apply for any ongoing lessons booked.

We advise making any payment over the phone or online, as cash transactions between yourself and the instructor are not protected by driveJohnson's. If you prefer to pay in cash, we recommend never paying for more than 10 hours at a time. Please read our full T&C's for more information.

Recently added reviews

I'm closer to 50 than I am to 20 so when I decided to finally take up driving this year I took that step with a modicum of trepidation. When I was assigned Rafi I had no idea what to expect but when we first met I could see that he was the consummate professional. He was attentive and very focused in absorbing my needs and foresaw a developmental path that even I couldn't see!
I signed up for an intensive course and , quite frankly, I was somewhat overwhelmed and was on the verge of giving up at the end of my first week, I genuinely wanted to call it a day. This is where Rafi's skills really shone through as he lifted me from the abyss and gave me the pep talk that I needed to carry on. He saw far beyond what I could see and he knew that I had it within me to achieve our mutual target.
You could do an awful lot worse by going to a different driving school, with professionals like Rafi in their ranks it's no wonder that there are so many satisfied customers. I can't recommend this man enough, highly skilled in his work and he will ALWAYS bring out the best in you

Magda has been such a wonderful driving instructor, I couldn't wish for anything more than when i passed first time with her.
She helped me develop my skills and progress very quickly on areas that I wasn't very confident in while also pushing me to achieve better in what I was comfortable doing.
Throughout my experience with Magda I found it really easy to get along with her. Her kind and welcoming personality made driving enjoyable.
She is very passionate about her job as well as knowledgeable, this reflects in lessons, so if you have any questions, Magda will always know the answers.

100% Recomend driving with Magda!

Thankyou so much for your help Magda!! :)x

Free theory training really helped me, very thorough. Passed that first time and then passed the practical second time, I made a stupid mistake. Overall very happy with drivejohnsons.

Malcolm was fantastic, he was very experienced. He was calm and patient. I was very nervous about learning to drive, i put it off for years (I am 37) and he really helped me, over come these and reach my dream. Thank you Malcolm. Eight weeks on i am loving the freedom.

I was a bit reluctant to drive as I’m 3 months Pregnant. Drivejohnsons really helped me pass quickly and safely. I took 30 hours in 3 weeks and passed with zero minors. Would recommend to anyone looking for a trustworthy company.

Don is the best instructor anyone could ever ask for!
He was the only one to support me in this long journey. When I started I was so insicure and scared but Dons' great teaching abilities, and of course his great sense of humour made it all so fun and easy. I always looked forward to having lessons with him.

Thank you so much Don, I could not have done this without you! I'm so happy to have passed my driving test but most importantly I'm so happy that I've found a life long friend like you! :)


Don Russell - A League of His Own

I came to Don sceptical, sceptical of the claims made in his bio but I can tell you hand on heart Don Russell changed my life. I had been to driving instructors from John O Groats to Lands End none of which understood me for me. When I entered the car for the first time with Don it was a totally immersive experience. I was the car and the car was me - I suppose you could say the car became an extension of me. Forthright in his approach, firm in his beliefs, a coach who builds a team ethic with a strong, hard working philosophy but at all times fair Don made me realise that driving is more than just ignition, clutch, gas and go. Yes we clashed at times and yes we would discuss things me with my point of view and him with his but we would always and I mean ALWAYS be productive. When the day came to part ways after an astonishing zero minors on my test I can honestly say that tears were shed. Tears of appreciation to a man who's methods may not always be conventional but they always get results. Finally, I wouldn't say Don was the best instructor in the world but he's definitely in the top 1.

Recommend Simon to anyone ,brilliant instructor I past first time with a clean sheet no minors thanks to his skills an explaining things like the professional he is top man

Nic's a great instructor, strict on errors in order to prepare you for your test, which he knows very well, and can guide you through all of the necessary steps so that you have a high chance of passing. Easy and friendly to drive with for a couple hours as well. Thanks Nic!

I would really recommend taking an assessment lesson if you’re considering an intensive course. It really helped to structure my course, so between my instructor and I, we could be as productive as possible! I passed straight away after my 2 week course!

Our 1st time pass rate in your area 81% Over the last 12 months

Nearest test centres to Watford

Watford Driving Test Centre

Test tip of the month for Watford

When entering the Watford test centre car park at the end of the test, get into 1st gear because there's a dip in the road, if in 2nd you will stall. If you can, park as far back into the carpark as possible thus making it easier for returning test candidates. When at the roundabout taking the 2nd exit, turning right onto Stevenson way, get into the middle lane. If on the independent drive using the Sat Nav, and at the Hartspring roundabout it tells you to take the 2nd exit, GET INTO THE MIDDLE LANE and then stick to the left.

Julie McKenna - driving instructor in Watford

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driveJohnson's Watford, Stanley Road, Watford, WD17 2QU
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