Simeon Fearon

Simeon Fearon

Experience & About Me:

As part of my career I have been training pupils for over 14 years in Personal Training (in the gym). Has been amazing and has not been no obstacle I found difficult. I have always found a way. Also love driving, cross country, road trips. It was my partner who told me many years ago I’d be a great driving instructor because teaching is in me and I have that calmness + time for everyone. But it wasn’t till years later I decided to leap on this and fulfil my destiny into driving. Leading up to today I still Personal Train but my lead role is driving and love the excitement of meeting new people and helping them get on the road as quickly, safely as possible. I am what you call “living the dream”

Favourite Quote:

“Don’t stop until it’s over”
NO = “Next Opportunity”
FAIL = “First Attempt In Learning”
END = “Effort Never Dies”
Moral of my thinking it Positively!

Memorable moment

Most memorable was surprising my mother, by taking her abroad for her 60th all paid for. I never had much growing up so to be able to do this was a massive achievement and will always be remembered.


Sports (football, Boxing, UFC) and also reading meaningful books such as life experiences or educational books/Novels


Negativity, as this does not get you anywhere in life. If you want it, first believe it and then make it happen.

  • Position:

  • Fully qualified instructor
  • Teaching Vehicle:

  • Renault Capture
  • Manual
  • Postcodes covered:

  • NW1, NW2, NW3, NW6, NW8, NW9, NW10, W9, W2, W11, W10, W8, W12, W6, W14, N7, N1
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