Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens when a pupil pre-pays the office?

Once you have completed the pupil’s first lesson, you should call for payment by text message.

Please text our Accounts number: 07948 531698

Carla deals with pupil payments Monday to Friday. She will always make the payment to you within 24 hours of your request.

All you have to do is text the full name of the pupil and the value of the lesson/deal.

For example:

Hi Carla
“I have just completed John Smith’s first lesson. Please can you transfer the 2 hours from the block 10 deal?”

Once the money has been transferred, Carla will always text you back acknowledging that the payment has been made.

Why do we pay per lesson at the beginning/during the trial?

In the unlikely event you don’t want to continue with us, the pupil who paid driveJohnson’s should be able to choose whether they want to continue with driveJohnson’s or with you (the instructor). If the pupil is happy to continue learning with you then we will happily transfer the remaining balance.

We don’t want to be difficult, we just want to please both parties – pupil and instructor – as much as possible and we feel this is the fairest way.

Why do we only pay in blocks of 10 hours if a pupil has paid for a 20 or 30-hour course?

In the past we have had 2 instructors pass away. Most recently an instructor from London.

As you can imagine the pupils wanted their remaining lessons back. Any pupil who has paid driveJohnson’s by card payment has the right to pursue driveJohnson’s for the refund.

The pupil is very welcome to pay you (the instructor) directly, in this instance the agreement is between you and the pupil. We try to state this clearly in our Terms and Conditions.

Why don’t we send a roof sign out to you straight away?

During the trial, driveJohnson’s works at a loss sending you pupils for free.

On occasions we have had instructors use us for just the trial, knowing how good we are for the work.

To send a roof sign out without establishing that you are happy at the end of the trial would become costlier and prove quite difficult to recover the roof sign. If you would like a roof sign sooner rather than later then you can pay an extra £80 deposit. This is returned on the 4th paying franchise week.

Why do we ask you to use a driveJohnson’s roof sign?

Branding and marketing has never been so powerful than at present.

People are buying into the driveJohnson’s brand more than the national companies now. We know this because our phone is ringing more and instructors are regularly leaving the national companies saying they aren’t getting enough work. If we’ve got most of the work, then we need the instructors to help us by promoting driveJohnson’s.

In a nutshell, if you purchased a British Airways flight and you boarded a Monarch/EasyJet plane you would have some apprehension and concerns. The same goes for pupils; they have bought into the driveJohnson’s service and branding which costs us £1000’s a year to be above our competitors.

Our goal is to become a premium driving school (charging above average lesson prices) but still offering a low franchise. To do this we need you working with us not against us.

If a pupil passes what should you do?

Please take a picture of the pupil with their pass certificate (next to your car – with the driveJohnson’s roof sign) and upload through your portal/App. Alternatively, we can do it for you if you email the pass picture to:

Please get written consent from your pupil before posting onto social media.

As a company, we also count how many pupil passes you get and send out rewards.

Social media is quite powerful when you are on a national platform like driveJohnson’s – so you would be helping to promote yourself as well as us!

Any referrals/requests to learn with you will always be sent to you directly too.

Can you decline the pupils we send to you?

Of course you can, but please just let us know why so we can avoid sending similar pupils in the future. If they live too far away or it’s a congested area – let us know and we can take the postcode off your profile.

If you can’t take a pupil on, please let us know as soon as possible. Nobody wants to be let down the night before the lesson. The more notice you give us, the less upset the pupil will be and the higher chance we will be able to reallocate the pupil.

What’s the best way to let the office know you need pupils?

You can log into your instructor portal to adjust how many pupils you need. You can do this via web browser:

Or an even better way is to download our App.

Click the relevant link below to download and open the App on your mobile:

App Store:
Play Store:

If you update your profile 5-7 days in advance, there is a very high chance we will be able to accommodate your needs. It’s not uncommon for instructors to text saying they need 5 new pupils and within 5-7 days we send them 5 new pupils.

Do we provide business cards, progress cards, stationery, t-shirts, fleeces etc.?

Yes, we offer all of the above and more. As you know, looking the part and branding is important. If you want all of the above mentioned and more, please call the office: 01908 533 023.

All stationary is free. There is a small additional charge for clothing.

Why don’t you just send us the pupils name and number and let the instructor call the pupil?

This is called a lead and it’s not a secure booking. 17-20 year olds searching Google aren’t going to hang about waiting for someone to call them back when they are browsing and searching.

You might call them back straight away, but then you have the issue that many 17-20 year olds don’t like answering the phone to unknown numbers etc. Yes, it’s pathetic. But most humans are guilty of not answering the phone to numbers they don’t know occasionally – inconvenient time, don’t recognise the number, cheating on their partner etc.

Do you have an online calendar/booking system?

Yes, if you want pupils served to your liking then this is an absolute must. You won’t have to call the pupils to reschedule and you can book out slots on your calendar as and when you want to. Your calendar can only be viewed but not changed by us in the office.

The best way to use and update your calendar is via our APP.

Click the relevant link below to download and open the App on your mobile:

App Store:
Play Store:
You can also access your Portal/calendar and more by logging in through your browser here:

We can observe when you have free slots and then we will send pupils in those vacant spaces. We won’t move things around in your diary. You will receive notifications that you have received a pupil by email and through the App. You can also turn off the email notifications once you are comfortable with the App.

Our calendar can be used on any smart phone, so you can update your appointments in the car on when you are on the move. You always have your mobile phone on you but you may not always have your paper calendar. Once you come over to the online calendar/App – it’s very unlikely you will go back to the paper calendar.

Do you have a question that hasn’t been answered above?

Do you have a question that you haven’t found on the website regarding working with driveJohnson’s?

Please feel free to ask and a manager or the owner will get back to you.

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