How to setup routes for the new driving test on TomTom

How to setup routes for the new driving test on TomTom

One of the reasons that the DVSA chose to use TomTom for the new driving tests was because of its ability to record and playback routes. This will enable them to keep routes standard for the driving tests.

You no longer have to drive around the routes in record mode to record and plan routes now, there is a much faster way as long as you have a computer.

You’ll need a MyDrive TomTom account for this to work, so you can either use the account you made when setting up your TomTom or you can create a new one. You can create an account by clicking here.

Starting the route

You will need to go to and log in with your TomTom account details.

Search for wherever you would like the route to start from. For this article, we are going to use Challenge House in Bletchley. You can do this by either scrolling around the map or searching for a particular place in the search bar.

Once you have chosen your location, left click on the map to set it as the starting position. When you click, the location will be highlighted with a blue circle with a white arrow in the centre of it and a box will have appeared on the left hand side titled “Plan Route” – if it wasn’t there already.

Choosing a starting location on MyDrive

Planning the route

To begin planning the route, click on a position further along in your route. In this example, we want to travel to the end of Sherwood Drive, turn right and follow Whalley Drive towards Whaddon Way. By clicking on a point along this route, a new box will appear with an option to plan your route. Click “Plan Route”.

Planning the route

The route will now highlight blue from the starting point to your current position.

Highlighted Route

In the box on the left hand side, you will need to change the route type to “Thrill” and disable the “Round Trip” option. This will stop the planner from creating a loop from the start to the end point.

To continue planning your route, just drag the finish line icon Finish Marker around the map.

Sometimes the map will try to be intelligent and jump your line to another road. When this happens, you can right click on your intended road and click “Add Stop”. Don’t over use the stops though as there is a limit per route, so only use it when you need to force the route in a specific direction.

Adding a stop

Alternatively you can just set an ending location using the box on the left. This is probably better for longer routes – you can just add stops to the different places you want to travel via.

Saving the route

Saving and Syncing Route

When you have completed your route, in the box on the left you will see the distance and the duration of the route. Click “Save To My Routes” and name the route whatever you wish. Select the “Sync this route as a track with my devices” option and click “Save”.

To sync your TomTom, connect the USB cable to your PC as usual then run the MyDrive Connect software. This will sync the routes you have saved to your device. They will then appear in “My Tracks” or “Saved Routes”.

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