Test Preparation for instructors

Test preparation for instructors

  • Don’t enter the test centre until 5-10 minutes before your pupil’s driving test.
  • Always remind your pupil to bring their provisional driving licence with them on the test date. When they enter the car, ask to see it. Also ask them to bring the test confirmation letter as proof.
  • Let the pupil know that you can sit in on their test in advance and explain the benefits of doing this.
  • Always carry a spare brake light bulb and head/tail light bulb. Do you know how to change the bulbs quickly?
  • Always check all your lights are working on your vehicle before a test. Double check them 20-30 minutes before test (you can do this when practicing the show me, tell me questions again.
  • Stay close to the test centre 20-30 minutes before test, to avoid getting stuck in traffic and then being late for your pupils test. If your pupil is taking their driving lessons in Oxford or Romford for example it can get very busy near the test centre especially during rush hour.
  • If your pupil passes or fails, try not to intervene or ask a question whilst the examiner is speaking. You can ask questions at the end, but ensure it’s timed correctly. Many examiners (for whatever reasons) can get quite upset when you speak whilst they are speaking.
  • In winter conditions especially, make sure your pupil knows how to work the window de-misters. Using the air-con is the quickest and most effective way. Make sure they know how to use the different wiper speeds too and are prepared for driving in the rain, ice or snow.
  • Check your tyres 1-2 days before a driving test. Make sure there are no cuts in the tyres. No matter how small the cut in the tyre is, the examiner will refuse to take you out on test. Look out for nails in tyres too and the obvious – correct tyre tread depth.
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