Diverse and Flexible Driving School in Luton

Established since 2005, it’s fair to say you are in safe hands with driveJohnson's driving school Luton. We have grade A instructors available (the highest grade) providing manual and automatic driving lessons in Luton. Living in a diverse world, don’t feel shy if you have a particular requirement such as an instructor who speaks the same language as you. driveJohnson’s driving school in Luton offers foreign language speaking instructors, male, female, instructors with Audi’s, BMWs, Volkswagons, Fiesta’s to more petite cars such as the Mini and Fiat 500.

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Intensive Driving Courses in Luton

We understand many learner drivers want to pass fast doing an intensive driving course in Luton. At driveJohnson's Luton we offer a 2 hour assessment lesson so we can assess your current driving level and ability. If you haven't driven before that's not a problem - our instructor will be looking at how quickly you pick things up. Don't worry it isn't a test either. At the end the lesson you instructor will go through your strengths and weaknesses and he/she will also let you know how many driving lessons you may need and when to book your driving test.

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Intensive/Block Courses

Existing Pupils

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Intensive/Block Courses

  • 10 hour automatic course

Existing Pupils

  • 1 hour automatic lesson
  • 10 hour automatic rebook

New Starter Offers (Ends Soon)

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What do people think about driveJohnson's?

Rated 5 out of 5

Based on 45 customer reviews


After a bad experience with a previous company I was quite nervous to continue my driving lesson. Robert was a fantastic instructor who made me believe that I could do it. After only 20 hours (including the test hour) I passed first time! He is very punctual and you can always trust that he'll be there on time. The instruction is very clear and Robert remains patient even when it takes you a few times to get the hang of it. I really recommend you take your lessons with him.


Beata is a great teacher and a good laugh, the conversation puts you at ease and helped me pass in just a few months! Would absolutely recommend


Alec is very patient with his learners. I passed my driving after driving him crazy with the reverse on the corner. I would recommend you to do some lessons with him.


I would highly recommend Beata to anyone that are wanting to start driving lessons, she was incredibly supportive throughout every lesson. She helped build my confidence up and all thanks to her I passed first time.


At first I was a bit nervous about going back to Drivejohnsons due to the experience I had with my previous instructor. From the very first lesson back Beata made my driving experience enjoyable and comfortable. Despite the mistakes made, Beata always ensured that I understood where I went wrong in order to correct them and never made me feel bad about not knowing certain things. Beata was honest regarding your progress which is the reason I believe I was able to pass my test first time. Beata takes a genuine interest in her students which makes passing your test a bittersweet moment. I'm so grateful for Beata's help, thank you.


Very good instructor, very professional and knows his job well. Would highly recommend.


I came to Beata after being recommended by a friend of mine, and thank god for that, she is patient, hilarious and a fantastic teacher. She supported me throughout my lessons keeping me calm and alert at the same time with what goes on the road. I have already recommended her to all my friends and family as I believe she is one of the best when it comes to instructing.


Ive been with drive Johnson beforehand for a while they always made sure they accomadated what i needed in terms of time and locations of a lesson to take place, unfortunately i had to change instructor from a lady to robert as she was unreliable always cancelling on me last minute. When I complained they introduced me to robert, although i could already drive to some extent robert was still very professional in making sure we remained safe and I practiced everything as it should. He is so friendly and was always on time & reliable ! It really felt like he wanted me to pass and that was the main thing that kept me going as it felt like a joint team effort to acheive my pass!


The best instructor I have had. Very paitent and calm, will make you laugh also.
Made me feel more confident behind the wheel :) would recommend him


My instructor was extremely polite and helpful and I feel like I would not have passed first time with 2 minors if I had a different one, I'm very pleased with my experience with Robert and drive johnsons and will be sure to recommend


This man is the best way forward. As i never thought I'd be able to pass my driving test first time as i lack confidence and general ability. Rob nos when the time is right as i wanted more lessons but he new that i did not need any and told me to take my test and that i did and pased first time. I could not believe it he is a god send have recommended him to all my friends and family as i no he will do the same job for them. Very good man thanks rob.
From grahame
P.s my family love you as you have gave us all the freedom to go better places thanks again


You are most beautiful person have ever met, would like to thank you for everything you have done. Thank you for your hard work and for your patience, thank you for helping me to progress, i will never forget how much you do for me !!!!


Verry pleased with passing my test first time with Robert excellent instructor had me ready in two weeks explains everything well and covers everything went to my test feeling confident I highly recommend him as an instructor at drive Johnson

Ashley Avatar

A fantastic driving instuctor who genuinely cares for her students. Beata is an incredibly patient and knowledgeable teacher. I passed first time and cannot thank her enough for her help!


Great driving instructer. Friendly and helpful. Passed in 3 months first time. Would recommend to people who need lessons.


Very good driving trainer. He knows what he is talking about and helped me pass first time. Excellent!


Very happy with my pass with no minors, all thanks to Robert. If it wasn't for him I'd still be doing lessons, he continuously encouraged me to book my test even though I was nervous, he put the confidence in me to know that I could do it. Highly recommend!


Amazing instructor very patient. I passed 1st time thanks to all her hard work, she gave me the confidence I needed to get through it. I would and will highly recommend Beata as a first class instructor. She made me calm and relaxed so I could follow her instructions.

Amazing instructor highly recommend.
Thank you Beata.


Would highly recomend Beata to anyone she is a great teacher and a lovely person. Made me feel very comfortable and relaxed behind the wheel.


I my view Sabia is the best instructor i have ever had to pass my driving test. She is very energetic, polite enthusiastic and very punctual.
I not only enjoyed taking my lessons from Sabia but i learned everything easily and in no time and that is why i passed my test in first attempt.
Strongly recommend Sabia to anyone.


Robert was a really good instructor he taught me loads he was always on time and gave me the confidence to book and pass my test if u are thinking of taking lessons and do your test do it through robert and drive johnson


What a lovely bloke!! Passed today and i couldnt of chose a better instructor


Sabia has by far been the best instructor even though I have never had a different one. She was able to rectify my mistakes made on numerous mock tests and due to this, I was able to pass my test. I would recommend her highly as she always goes out of her way to make sure her learners can have enough practice on the roads. She has even done early morning lessons to make sure learners are safe in all conditions and times


I passed today 2nd time with only 2 minors!
My instructor was amazing and i highly recommend, very patient and he knows his stuff.


Great driving instructor, easy to talk to, explains everything very well and detailed which helped me a lot, she understood and was patient with me, helping me pass first time with 1 minor.


Robert from driveJohnson's is a professional instructor whose knowledge and encouragement helped me pass my driving test. He was always on time and was open to clearing my doubts during driving lessons. Besides, he gave me the freedom to learn manouveres by trial and error, while also being absolutely firm. I highly recommend this instructor to anyone looking for valuable driving lessons!


Amazing. Got my pass after 3.5 months. Fantastic and friendly instructor


It was a great experience to be taught by Robert from drive Johnson. I passed my test in St. Albans 1st time with only two minors.
My instructor was calm and very proffesional and he took me through mock tests this made my test easy.highly recommend drive Johnson and Robert


Friendly polite personality. Supportive and constructive with learning, really helping me to assess my ability and make progress


Excellent teacher! Without Beata i would never have got through - she is fun, patient and reassuring. I passed first time and would recommend her to anyone. :0)


In my view Sabia is the best and experience instructor, which her capabilities I pass my test .there is lot to say but I will say
Don’t go east don’t go west Sabia is the best


I've had lessons with Beta and she was absolutely fantastic, she corrected all my mistake, was a perfect lady during lesson, encouraged me always and helped me pass my test. I've had two previous instructors but she was just the best. A very lovely lady. Very patient and was to talk to because she understand what is needed. I will absolutely recommend any of my friends and family to take lessons with her.


Beata is a great instructor, i was delighted to pass first time mostly because of her teaching technique. She always explains anything that you are unsure of and she has a lovely personality.


Absolutely delighted to pass first time with Beata! Thank you!


Paul was a brilliant instructor and I'm very happy I chose to learn with driveJohnson's.
Thank you.


Absolutely amazing! Beata is very supportive and Intelligent. Really lovely and always looked forward to my lessons!


I’ve had other instructors before and Sabia has been the best by far, she always goes the extra mile for her learners by doing lessons on weekends and in her free time to suit her learners needs. I took lessons with her for about a year and she has been so patient and her teaching has always been consistent. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!!

Ayesha Bhatti Avatar

Paul is an absolutely amazing instructor. I have had 2 previous instructors and had taken my tests twice before Paul started teaching me. I passed straightaway with him & his teaching methods make you feel confident and less hesitant about driving. An incredible instructor, definitely going to miss his lessons.

Kyle K. Avatar

Being an already experienced driver from another country, I found it difficult to find an instructor willing to take me on. Robert took me on as a pupil, who was amazing. He was very patient, very knowledgeable, polite, and most of all professional. His instruction allowed me to pass with only 2 minor faults with a senior examiner. Thanks to him, I will now be able to travel with family in greater comfort and style rather than with trains.


I can confidently say that Sabia must be one of the best driving instructors that anyone could ever hope to have. As well as being very encouraging, she consistently corrected my errors in a patient, polite and non-patronising way. Not only did I passed my test first time under Sabia's expert guidance, I thoroughly enjoyed each lesson.

I strongly recommend her. she was always on time and kept to every lesson booking. she is punctual and very clear on her instructions. I feel she made everything clear for me to understand.


Teaches you how to drive, not just pass a test.


Beata is a great instructor, who was incredibly patient and supportive throughout my lessons. I was quickly able to gain confidence on the roads with constant motivation from Beata. I would definitely recommend!


I have had over 5 different instructors in the past and have taken many tests all with a handful of serious faults and minors. Ive never felt comfortable with any of my previous instructors and struggled to learn and improve with them and just couldnt beat my test nerves.
I was recommended beata by a friend and after only a few weeks i passed my test with only one minor. She is so patient, hilarious and a fantastic teacher. She challenged my weaknesses without pressuring me and i really felt like she truly cared which isnt something you get with alot of instructors.
Im so glad beata was recommended and many of my family members will use her in future and i will miss her!


Started lessons on the 16th of january, passed first time on the 28th with a senior examiner all thanks to Robert. Friendly patient and kept all the lessons fun and exciting. Couldnt ask for a better instructor


Beata is a great driving instructor. She is reassuring and clearly explained the plan for each lesson. Anything I wasn't sure of, she helped me become more confident with. She made driving a fun experience and I passed first time with her. I would highly recommend Beata.

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Our first time pass rate in Luton Show more
Our 1st time pass rate in your area 90.4% Over the last 12 months
Nearest test centre to Luton Show more

Nearest test centres to Luton

DVSA Luton Driving Test Centre

6 Adelaide St, Luton, LU1 5BJ

1st time pass rates

2015-2016 38.6%
2016-2017 36.9%
2017-2018 30.6%
Instructor tip of the month Show more

Test tip of the month for Luton

When you come out of Luton test centre you will be greeted by a crossroad. Approach in first gear as it's very blind. You can also forward lean to improve your view. Remember you minimum observations for a crossroad is right, lefty head and right again - more if necessary.

Tom Price - driving instructor in Luton

More about driving/learning in Luton Show more

What will my local driving instructor in Luton cover with me?

This Bedfordshire town incorporates a number of major roads, including the M1 and A6. In your first few lessons with us, you are likely to start off in the quieter estates such as Marsh Farm and Farley Hill. Farley Hill is one area where you can practice everything from moving off and stopping up to roundabouts with very little traffic on the roads during the day. It has a lovely long circle that beginners can really benefit from at the beginning, grasping the basic steering skills, clutch control and going up/down the gears in the car.

Once you have ticked the partly prompted boxes on your progress report with your instructor he/she will then proceed to challenge you on the more complex aspects of Luton. The Dunstable Road roundabout is frequently included on the driving test route, along with the New Bedford Road roundabout. Your instructor will ensure you have experienced all of the complicated junctions in and around Luton in order to successfully prepare you for your test. During your lessons, you will also be taught thoroughly how to excel in the Independent driving part of the test which 4 out 5 tests include the sat nav. If you are central to Luton then you may benefit from a 1 hour or 1.5 hour lesson, however, if you live on the outskirts/surrounding areas then you may want to consider 2 hour lessons so you get plenty of practice time in and around the test route areas.

Our instructors cover Luton (LU1 to LU5) and the following surrounding area: Caddington, Tea Green, Mangrove Green, Chalton, Houghton Regis, Breachwood Green, Dunstable

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Where to find us

driveJohnson’s Luton, Seaton Road, Luton, LU4 9SL
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