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Start your driving lessons in Maidstone with us today and give yourself the best possible chances of passing first time!With a 93.4% first time pass rate in Maidstone, we believe we can help virtually any pupil pass their driving test with us. We have experienced and local Grade A driving instructors available who teach the driveJohnson's way; Help you pass safely, fast and save you money in the long run.Beginners will be taught at a pace that suits them, starting in some of the quieter areas of Maidstone such as; Weavering, Sandling, Allington and Downswood etc. It should only take our instructor 5-10 minutes to find suitable places to start you on the nursery roads (we think Shepherds Gate Drive is a great starting point).

Partly trained or have a test coming up? Don't worry - Our instructors won't waste any time, as soon as you have perfected your manoeuvres and have built great judgement skills on your junctions and roundabouts, they will get you practising the Maidstone test routes all in time to pass your driving test 1st time with us!

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Intensive/Block Courses

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Intensive/Block Courses

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What do people think about driveJohnson's?

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Thank you driveJohnson’s for opportunity in learning with Greg. He is an amazing driving instructor, he is always very flexible with lesson planning, easily contactable and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Not only does he create a calming atmosphere that made me feel at ease in the car, he was always very encouraging and worked continuously to install good and safe driving habits in me. I can’t thank Greg enough for all the time, effort and energy he put into every one of my lessons. I can now say I feel like a safe and confident driver because of him, and I can’t thank him enough!


Wow!...finally driver!...and all thanks to Greg and drive Johnson's.
As a foreigner I knew is hard to pass driving test in another country but had the most pleasant experience thanks to you Greg!
Thanks for being patient and calm and making this a very nice experience!
I would highly recommend !


A year on...
Nearly a year ago I passed my driving test with my driving instructor Greg. I have Autism, Anxiety and a Learning disability. When I started learning to drive I was suffering with high anxiety. The cause was “Learning to drive!” I thought that was the end of driving for me. I have had approximately 5 different driving instructors since I started learning to drive. I was on the verge of quitting but then I met Greg. Greg encouraged me to continue and progress.

Greg has literally been the best instructor I’ve ever had! Greg is an extremely patient and understanding instructor. He doesn’t give up on you when you’re struggling and will always help you where possible. Although you do need to be open and honest. After 3 years of teaching me (I’m a slow learner) I passed my driving test.

Since passing my driving test and gaining some experience on the road I decided I wanted to progress and become a better driver. I was very pleased that Greg could continue teaching me for the Pass plus course. It can be very difficult to find a local instructor who is willing to teach someone with Autism. Sometimes it can be very stressful for the student and the instructor.

Greg will teach you how to drive for life, not just how to pass the test!
He has most certainly improved my driving confidence and ability. I would definitely recommend him 1000% - Definitely money well spent! - Thanks for everything Greg! 😀 See you on the road 👍


Thank you driveJohnson’s for giving me one the best driving Instructers “Greg”. I have had previous Instructers before coming to Maidstone and they had nothing compared to his style of teaching he’s so understanding and helps keep you calm on the roads no matter what kind of day your having behind the wheel. He is always very flexible with lesson planning, easily contactable and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. When it comes to learning, feeling at ease in the car is so important and Greg Achieves that effortlessly as well as being very encouraging and teaching you more safe and suitable driving habits. I can’t thank Greg enough for all the time, effort and energy he put into every lessons so that I could be ready to drive behind the wheel. He truly has your best interest at heart and I can’t thank him enough for teaching me how to drive!!


Greg is one of the best instructors out there takes his time with you and gets you ready for a first time pass on your test


Greg is a great driving instructor and i don't believe i could have passed without his help. I am fairly unsure and anxious around new people but I felt comfortable around him almost right away.

He is a very understanding tutor and takes into account a learners driving ability as well as learning speed in the delivery of his lessons. He pushes you when you feel comfortable to experience the road and safe driving but he will also help when you are struggling with easy to understand intruction.

The learning material he has at his disposal demonstrates proper road positioning for the menouvers as well as the safe ways to do it. Greg is extremely thorough and always covers every base and possible situation, i would recommend him to everyone looking to learn how to drive and after you pass the tests you could have found a new great friend to play football or golf with.

Thanks for everything greg you are one of the greats, see you on the road.

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Our 1st time pass rate in your area 93.4% Over the last 12 months

Nearest test centres to Maidstone

DVSA Maidstone Driving Test Centre

Unit 1 North Court, South Park Business Village, Armstrong Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 6JZ

1st time pass rates

2015-2016 47.2%
2016-2017 45.5%
2017-2018 43.4%
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Using easy to drive and modern teaching vehicles, we have male and female driving instructors in Maidstone covering the following surrounding areas:

  • Aylesford
  • Sittingbourne
  • Wateringbury
  • Leybourne
  • And more...

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driveJohnson's Maidstone, Foxden Drive, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 8TQ
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