Hazard Perception

Hazard Perception Test

The Hazard perception test is all about measuring your ability to react to developing hazards.

This does not mean you will score highly if you click once someone has walked out into the road, like in the third image. It’s all about clicking in anticipation that the person walking in the direction of the road may walk into it. If there is a person walking away from the road and you are driving towards then there would be no need to click.

If you click on image 1, you may just miss scoring a 5. If you click on image 2 then you could expect a 5. If you click on image 3 then you could expect 3-4. If you click once the person is on the road then expect 1-2. Lets say the person is in is in the middle of the road, then you would score Zero.

Be very careful of clicking too much for one particular hazard too. As a general rule, avoid clicking more than twice for the same hazard.

We would also advise you that you should be clicking in the region of 8-12 times for each clip. If you are doing a clip that involves town driving then you can expect to click higher than a clip where you are driving through the countryside.

What score do you need to pass hazard perception test ?

The minimum score required for the hazard perception test is 44 out of a possible 75.

There are 14 hazard perception clips, all lasting around 60 seconds.

There are 13 clips where there is just 1 hazard that you will be scored on.

There is 1 clip where there are 2 hazards that you will be scored and can achieve a total of 10 points.


There is no notification of when the clip with 2 hazards is going to happen. It could happen on your first clip, in the middle or your last clip. You will only know after the test which clip had 2 markable hazards in the hazard perception test.

Are you struggling with the theory test too ? We offer free driving theory test training.


If you would like to book your theory test, then be sure to do it on the DSA website, try to avoid copycat sites that charge a premium for basically doing nothing.

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