Pros and Cons of the Little Black Box

Here at driveJohnson’s, we don’t only provide quality and affordable driving lessons.. We also provide you with latest information and guides to help you! So, what is Black Box Insurance?


Well, most insurers base their premiums on general statistics and a calculation of driver profiles selected at random. This being said, it makes insurance for new drivers very costly. That is where Black Box Insurance comes in or Pay As You Go insurance..


Black Box driving insurance premiums are based on the drivers current driving style, giving the drivers a chance to prove they’re more than capable and responsible behind the wheel of their car.


This effectively gives drivers a direct say in the cost of their insurance and it is hoped that with this nifty bit of kit, the overall standard of driving will improve with the reward of a cheaper premium for safer driving.

black box insurance


The black box itself is no bigger than an iPhone but can do so much! For example, It can track where you have been, the speed you were doing to get there, what gear you were in and how you were braking!


Like everything though, this little black box has it’s drawbacks. For example: if you cover a lot of miles, you may not see any saving whatsoever and could possibly end up paying more than you would of done if you took out a normal insurance policy.


Another drawback is that you may not be as safe a driver as you initially thought, which again, will cost you! However the good thing is that with this technology, you have the chance to change it.


Black Box insurance is a great way to lower your premium if you’re a new driver, young driver, have endorsements or don’t drive a lot of miles in a year. However if you don’t fall into any of those groups, then this type of insurance may not be right for you and may actually cost you more.


driveJohnson’s Tip: Shop Around! .. Do your research. Check out our Top 10 Tips on how to lower your car insurance!

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