Independent Driving, Driving on Your own Test

Independent driving was introduced to the learners driving test in October 2010. The whole idea of implementing the independent driving to the learners test was to see how a candidate can cope following a course of directions over a duration of 10 minutes.

The main thing to remember during this part of the test is that you are not being marked on your ability to follow directions, but how to drive safely. So ultimately, if you forget where you are going, you are better off asking the DSA Examiner what the next direction is early. This is so you can safely manoeuvre your car correctly in the right direction without affecting and upsetting vehicles around you. Most people who fail during the independent driving part of the test do so because they get too caught up in following the directions and lose track of their lane discipline.

Another popular failing point is failing to signal on the approach to a junction when changing direction. Remember, people around you won’t know where you are going without a signal.

Independent Driving Following Directions – A421 to Whaddon route:

Watch this video on the right for a complete fly on the wall insight as to how we prepare you for the independent driving part of your driving test. This video stars ‘Mark Rogers’ who is going over one of the independent driving test routes in Bletchley for the first time. Obviously as he becomes better, the instruction becomes less. This route is a very popular test route in the mornings – for more specific information regarding what test route you could get at particular times – ask your driveJohnson’s driving instructor.

Independent Driving Following Diagrams – Westcroft route:

There are two types of independent driving scenarios you may experience on the day of your driving test. Watch this video on the right to see ‘Mark Rogers’ during his driving lesson in Milton Keynes. He is attempting another driving test route within the Milton Keynes area. All of our test route videos are available – just ask your driveJohnson’s instructor for your username and password. Our test route videos are exclusive to driveJohnson’s pupils only.

Independent Driving Following Road signs – Simpson route:

Watch MK Dons and Wales under 18 star Mason Spence go over the Simpson test route following road signs. There is some instruction in areas where Mason and other pupil’s tend to make mistakes. If you would like access to all of our test route videos – just ask your driveJohnson’s instructor for the username and password.

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