Dangers of Mobile Phone Use and Driving

Over the last 5 years you have probably seen a few gory videos emphasising the dangers of texting whilst driving. Just watch the video on the right for a taster.

The latest trend is posting selfies whilst driving on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Over 3 million people have posted pictures of themselves tagging #driving #drivinghome #drivingselfie #drivingtowork.

Over the last 3 years, rear end shunt car accidents have also risen in the UK by 7% (According to Accident Exchange) which is believable when people are taking the risk of posing for a camera shot or video whilst driving.

Insurance companies average paying out £2000 for every rear end shunt car accident claim.

taking selfies while driving

Unfortunately, In April 2014 it wasn’t just a rear end shunt accident claim for ‘Courtney Sanford’. The picture you see on the right was taken moments before she was involved in a head on collision with a recycling truck. She had taken the picture and just uploaded it to Facebook saying how happy she was, seconds before losing her car position and hitting a recycling truck coming the other way.

Even if the above story doesn’t bother you, please bare in mind the legal consequences.

If you are caught on your phone whilst driving you will receive:

• 3 Points on your licence

• £100 fine

If you are a new driver, you need just 6 points on your licence within the first two years to be disqualified.

Also, any points issued on your licence will also mean your insurance premium will go up the following year. For young drivers it’s expensive enough. So, if you don’t care about dying or killing others, then at least bare in mind the financial consequences and the inconvenience of losing your licence.

One of our pupils ‘Callum Darton’ who took his driving lessons in Maidstone and passed first time recently got disqualified as he received 6 points within the first 6 months of learning to drive. He received 3 points for doing 35 in 30 in an area he didn’t know and recently he was caught texting whilst driving. ‘Callum’ who passed with just 5 minors said “I regret it big time, It’s just a shame i’ve had to learn the hard way. Even when I get my licence back, I probably won’t be able to afford the insurance”.

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