pupil passes 2009

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driveJohnson’s started in 2007, however, 2009 is when things began to take off for us as a company and we grew in size, branching from Milton Keynes, to areas like Oxford and London.

2 Minor

Thanks to driveJohnson’s I passed in just 12 hours, first time too!! I was practicing a bit in between which helped but every time I had a lesson I was taken to the next level

3 Minors

At first, I found driving pretty tough, but driveJohnson's helped me loads and I passed first time with just three minors, I couldn’t wait to hit the road! Thank you Anthony for all your help!

7 Minors

Jamie, Curt and Scott all passed first time, a big well done to the Shenley boys!! Be safe and have fun on the roads guys!

2 Minors

Passing first time was such a relief and I only got 2 minors aswell! Driving has helped me so much and I’m so glad I chose driveJohnson’s, I’m going to tell everyone how well I’ve done

4 Minors

I passed in 2 weeks after 15 hours of learning to drive. He helped me with all my weaknesses and built my confidence up so much, I’m so glad I passed because now I can easily get around in my car.

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