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It seems as if every month there’s a new car introduced promised to be even more advanced and modernised than the last model, nowadays you can never have too much technology and handy gadgets to make your driving experience the simplest it can possibly get.

However, if your car is a little older in years and is lacking the latest electronics, not to worry, there’s a whole host of cool gadgets for your car to modernise your wheels without having to sell up and upscale!

Top Cool Gadgets For Your Car

It’s more than likely that your first car isn’t going to be the latest Tesla, Audi or another advanced, seriously expensive car. You’re probably going to have a small easy to drive, cheap to maintain runaround car, which is really all you need in your first couple of years. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to miss out on all of the cool technology the big boys have, with a few additional purchases and slight modifications, the latest gadgets can easily be installed. Keep reading to find out our favourite five!

1. Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind spots are one of the most significant dangers while driving, as you’ll know, forgetting to check your blind spots can make or break whether you pass your test. No matter how many times you reposition your side mirrors, you’ll never be able to get them to an angle where you can see exactly what is in your blind spots meaning you’ll be forced to take your eyes off the road in front to double check.

Harpreet Rana who teaches driving lessons in Wolverhampton had a close call with a pupil who was on the final lesson of their intensive course before their test. They forgot to check blind spots before attempting a parallel park, missed a pedestrian and Harpreet had to take control of the vehicle.

With blind spots causing so many problems, for so many years, it’s not surprising that drivers have come up with a handy resolution. Additional blind spot mirrors can be purchased and attached to your side mirrors, similar to those seen on larger lorries and vans. They’re curved in shape, adjustable and usually circle shaped, which together allows you to see from a much wider angle. Blind spot mirrors clip onto the furthest corner of your side mirror, but you’ll have to experiment with different placements to see what works best for you and will allow you to see all blind spots from the driver’s seat.

blind spot mirror

2. Drop Stop

Are you fed up with belongings continually falling between your front seats and centre console mid-journey? Well, there’s now a simple, yet so effective answer, a Drop Stop!

The drop stop is a simple device that wedges itself between that annoying gap in the front of your car, stopping small objects such as your mobile phone, bank cards, keys and coins falling under the seat. Drop stops are made from a patented material and are flexible enough to fit any car type and model. Only a universal black colour is available at the moment as it is a relatively new product on the market, but is deliberately made in a shade that will give off the appearance of a shadow, so no one will never notice that it’s there.

drop stop

Photo credit to Oddity Mall.

3. Bluetooth Kit

Many typical first cars, unfortunately, do not come with built-in Bluetooth which in the past was very frustrating having to use several different wires to connect your phone to the stereo. However, you can now purchase a kit that will enable you to modify your car to be equipped with Bluetooth, allowing you to play music or take calls through a hands-free device on the speakers.

Bluetooth kits are a stand-alone device that connects to your stereo. Fitting the equipment will require a little DIY to set up as you’ll need to remove the radio from the dashboard and reconnect the wires. It’s a popular invention, so you’ll be able to find plenty of step-by-step guides on YouTube if you get stuck!

4. USB Charger

With the many different features continuously being added to the latest mobile phones, we all know that the battery lifespan isn’t great, so if you’re embarking on a long journey, this can often be a worry. Whether you’re using your phone’s navigation to direct you or are listening to your favourite songs, its vital that your phone stays charged until you reach your destination.

Your phone can be charged while you drive through a USB port that slots into what used to be the circular socket for a cigarette lighter. Most cars nowadays do not come equipped with a lighter meaning you have an unused port, perfect for charging your devices. All you’ll need to do is insert the USB charger into the port, attach your device using your regular USB cable, and off you go!

USB car charger

Photo credit to Anker.

5. Portable Jump Starter

You can never quite predict when your battery may go flat, which means you’ll run into a spot of bother if no one is around to jump start your car. A portable jump starter will allow you to jump-start your vehicle without the need for a second car meaning you will always be covered even if no one is around. They come with alligator clips to attach to the battery terminals and then all you will need to do is merely turn the device on. You will only be given temporary battery life, but it will be enough to get you home or to a destination safely.

portable jump start kit

Photo credit to Powerspark Ignition.

Modernise Your Car With The Top Gadgets!

Adding small helpful gadgets to your car is a great way to modernise your vehicle with the latest technologies without having to spend a fortune. Always do your research before making a purchase to ensure that you get the best deal and also to see whether the device will be compatible with your vehicle. For more devices guaranteed to improve your driving experience, take a look at this Business Insider guide!