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What Are The New MOT Test Changes?

As of the 20th May 2018, a few new changes are being introduced to the current annual MOT test. If you are a vehicle owner, it is crucial to make yourself aware of the new MOT test changes, as there are many prime culprits for a failure that can easily be avoided in advance through

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How To Make Your First Car Last

Your first car is more than likely the most significant investment you have made so far, which means that it is essential to make sure it lasts for a considerable amount of time. You have completed your driving test and are ready to be on the road independently. With age, cars do start to run

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Car Care Mistakes To Avoid

Keeping up your car maintenance is a tedious task, and we are all guilty of ignoring the odd light that pops up or a strange sound in the hope that it will resolve itself. However, it is important to spend some time when needed on car care as of course; we want our car to

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Driving In All Weather Conditions

Living in the UK means that one minute you could be driving in the rain and the next minute the sky clears and the sun is out. Whether you are a learner or have been driving for a while, it is essential to know precisely how to deal with all of the different weather conditions

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Reliable Car Garage in Milton Keynes

A Local Car Garage in Milton Keynes Trying to find a reliable car garage in Milton Keynes can be tricky with so much choice. Open up the Citizen newspaper and you will be inundated with offers for cheap MOT’s in Milton Keynes.   So here’s a few tips and questions we used to find a

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