Paul Reilly

Paul Reilly

Experience & About Me:

I decided to pursue a career in driving instructing at the end of 2014. I was about to be laid off from my full time job and I remember asking my daughter Ellie at the time. “What should I be doing Ell??” She said to me “Isn’t it obvious Dad? I watch you on a Monday and a Tuesday night. It’s the only time of the week that you come alive and I see you smiling”…

Let me explain… I have been teaching kids and adults Karate for years on Monday and Tuesday nights. I have studied really hard and spent years of dedication and practice to get my 2ND Dan Black belt as well as my senior instructors licence. I’ve also taught in the workplace where I’ve been employed since 1989.. I realised when Ell spoke to me, I have been teaching for most of my grown up life and I love it!!

So I have spent the time and dedication to do all the studying and pass all the tests so I can produce the drivers of tomorrow. But that’s not enough for me. Want someone to teach you just enough to get a Theory Test pass and to pass a 40 minute odd driving test on one day?? Then that’s not me. I believe in teaching you all the stuff you need to know to make sure you have the skills to drive safely and considerately for the rest of your life.

I’ve been teaching learner drivers for the last few years but only as a qualified instructor since April 17.

All the feedback from my students and their parents is fantastic. Everyone says how much more they have learned in just a couple of hours with me then hours and months with other instructors. That’s because I take the decision to turn you into a safe driver who I would trust with my Ell in the car as a passenger very seriously.

You will read all about the test passes with me on here soon enough. But if you want to become a safe driver, and a great driver in Leicestershire, then the team at driveJohnson’s will put us together.

Favourite Quotes:

“If it is to be… Then it’s up to me.”

“Today is a gift, tomorrow is never guaranteed. Make the very most of each day…”

“Dream it, see it, do it.”

Memorable moment

“Well that’s the end of the part three instructional ability driving test. I am pleased to tell you that you have passed”

I remember thinking right then, and in the words of the new Sherlock.. “The game… is on…”


The moment the learning light goes on! The client gets it, understands it, and feels ready to have a crack at doing it. It’s the part when you know it’s because you found a way to show it, tell it, or do it in a way that they understood when others couldn’t get it across.


When the headlight flashing, horn tooting, pass you on the wrong side of the road maniac forgets they were in a car with L plates once and I bet they stalled or hesitated…

  • Position:

  • Fully qualified instructor
  • Teaching Vehicle:

  • Hyundai i20
  • Diesel
  • Manual
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Average rating:  
 34 reviews
by Chloe on Paul Reilly

Had my first driving lesson with Paul today! What I like most was how Paul explained things clearly and put me at ease! Would definitely recommend to any new learner drivers or to anyone having refresh lessons!

Thank You Paul!

by Emma on Paul Reilly

Had my first driving lesson with Paul today. I've had a couple of different instructors previously but never felt very confident. After spending a couple of hours behind the wheel with Paul I feel so confident about learning, he explains why we do certain things and helps you understand how the car works. He doesn't take over the controls all the time but helps you to learn independence. He's very calm even when you make mistakes which is so useful. I'm actually enjoying learning now, which I never thought I would. Thanks Paul!

by Rehsaan on Paul Reilly

I used Paul Reilly with Drive Johnson’s. Having previously had lessons outside the company, coming to drive Johnson’s was definitely for the better! From no experience with cars whatsoever, I now feel comfortable behind the wheel and passes my test first time. Paul is a great instructor, professional and tailors your learning to suit you. I would recommend Drive Johnson’s and Paul Reilly!

by Alvin on Paul Reilly

Grear tutor to have and practise with all the way until your practical ! Passed with flying colours during mine and i had Paul ti thabk for most if it . very patient and guranteed to learn and improve with each lesson you have with him!

by Lucas on Paul Reilly

Paul is a patient, friendly and understanding instructor. He takes into consideration how you learn, tailoring sessions to your benefit. I've had a couple of sessions with Paul who has greatly improved my confidence and ability in the car.

by Walter on Paul Reilly

I was a very nervous driver at first and i never thought i would pass my test but paul helped me out through my nervous phase and i started growing confidence and the progress i made in a small amount of time was amazing. Im so glad to have gone on to pass my test first time! I would recommend Paul to anyone as he will equip you with the tools you need to be a safe driver and pass the test.

by michelle on Paul Reilly

i have my first ever lesson with paul to day and i felt Glad i cud learn a lot from paul and i felt comfortable and relaxed. around him i had nothink to worry about

by Connie on Paul Reilly

Paul is a fab instructor, he is great for when your nervous, and is a really friendly guy. Personally so happy to have passed first time, and so gratefully to him!!! Thank you Paul!

by Abdullah on Paul Reilly

Amazing. I was very nervous - first lesson done now! Paul helped me lots...making me feel relaxed and talking me through everying I needed to know. He is very exprienced and Im looking to kearning lots more .Happy to say I'm sticking with Paul next lesson tomorrow. Thank you Paul.

by Jemma on Paul Reilly

Very professional, friendly, patient and helpful instructor! As an anxious driver starting up lessons again after over a year off, Paul has helped me to become a lot calmer and more confident on the road by explaining clearly and reassuringly why a mistake happened and how to prevent it from happening again. I felt comfortable on my lessons very quickly and that I could ask any questions and recieve well-informed, well educated answers and solutions to tackle problems.

I particularly like how he asks you what your goals are each lesson and what you hope to achieve, so the focus is on you and your progression and not just doing the same thing over and over every lesson. Paul is fantastic compared to previous instructors I've had and genuinely seems to care about helping you to become the best driver you can be. He's gone above and beyond and he's definitely up there with the best. I would absolutely 100% recommend to future learners, Thank you!

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