Paul Reilly

Paul Reilly

Experience & About Me:

I decided to pursue a career in driving instructing at the end of 2014. I was about to be laid off from my full time job and I remember asking my daughter Ellie at the time. “What should I be doing Ell??” She said to me “Isn’t it obvious Dad? I watch you on a Monday and a Tuesday night. It’s the only time of the week that you come alive and I see you smiling”…

Let me explain… I have been teaching kids and adults Karate for years on Monday and Tuesday nights. I have studied really hard and spent years of dedication and practice to get my 2ND Dan Black belt as well as my senior instructors licence. I’ve also taught in the workplace where I’ve been employed since 1989.. I realised when Ell spoke to me, I have been teaching for most of my grown up life and I love it!!

So I have spent the time and dedication to do all the studying and pass all the tests so I can produce the drivers of tomorrow. But that’s not enough for me. Want someone to teach you just enough to get a Theory Test pass and to pass a 40 minute odd driving test on one day?? Then that’s not me. I believe in teaching you all the stuff you need to know to make sure you have the skills to drive safely and considerately for the rest of your life.

I’ve been teaching learner drivers for the last few years but only as a qualified instructor since April 17.

All the feedback from my students and their parents is fantastic. Everyone says how much more they have learned in just a couple of hours with me then hours and months with other instructors. That’s because I take the decision to turn you into a safe driver who I would trust with my Ell in the car as a passenger very seriously.

You will read all about the test passes with me on here soon enough. But if you want to become a safe driver, and a great driver in Leicestershire, then the team at driveJohnson’s will put us together.

Favourite Quotes:

“If it is to be… Then it’s up to me.”

“Today is a gift, tomorrow is never guaranteed. Make the very most of each day…”

“Dream it, see it, do it.”

Memorable moment

“Well that’s the end of the part three instructional ability driving test. I am pleased to tell you that you have passed”

I remember thinking right then, and in the words of the new Sherlock.. “The game… is on…”


The moment the learning light goes on! The client gets it, understands it, and feels ready to have a crack at doing it. It’s the part when you know it’s because you found a way to show it, tell it, or do it in a way that they understood when others couldn’t get it across.


When the headlight flashing, horn tooting, pass you on the wrong side of the road maniac forgets they were in a car with L plates once and I bet they stalled or hesitated…

  • Position:

  • Fully qualified instructor
  • Teaching Vehicle:

  • Hyundai i20
  • Diesel
  • Manual
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 24 reviews
by Nas on Paul Reilly

Had a fantastic first lesson with Paul. I am generally a nervous person, but Paul seemed to know exactly how to make my first lesson feel as comfortable as possible for myself. I've driven before with 2 prior instructors, but never have I driven as confident and as comfortable as I had just been with Paul. He is very thorough and very helpful in his approach.

by Aman on Paul Reilly

Paul is a very professional driving instructor. I was very happy with him on my first lesson. I felt very comfortable and relaxed, as he stayed calm and patient throughout the whole lesson. Paul explained methods and the whole concept of driving, unlike any other instructors I've had in the past. I was a very satisfied learner who is looking forward to working with him. I would definitely recommend him!

by Vicky Garner on Paul Reilly

I've had a couple of driving lessons with Paul now and it's safe to say he's fantastic! I'm quite a nervous driver and he makes me feel comfortable when I'm driving and is extremely helpful and doesn't mind when I ask 10 tonne of stupid questions! Best driving instructor ever! Thank you for putting up with my driving ☺️

by maxwell on Paul Reilly

I really appreciate your great strategies on driving training.
I felt comfortable and my driving confidence was boosted.
Am happy having you as my tutor.
Thank you.

by Tanveer Ahmed on Paul Reilly

I had my first lesson and i found him really patient, informative, friendly and smart. He explains everything logically and spots quickly where you are struggling. He corrects your mistake nicely without making you anxious and explains you of the rules you should respect even if you make the same mistake several times. Definitely recommended for everyone.

by Aurora Morrison on Paul Reilly

The best lesson I've had. Really informative and supportive. Very encouraging. He was patient with me and helped me evaluate my strengths and weaknesses so we could work on targets for improvement. I can see myself making so much progress with Paul. After a year + of not doing lessons he really helped me ease back into it and recap my knowledge with neat tips and tricks to remember things.

by Walter T on Paul Reilly

Great Instructor

After a month away from driving,i felt really assured after taking driving lessons with Paul.

I really wanted to know where i am with my driving and the kind of progress i had made and that was made very clear to me. Great instructor, explains everything well as well as being very supportive when u encounter obstacles. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

by Mufaro magondo on Paul Reilly

Booked a driving lesson with Paul ... not knowing anything about him or how the lesson was going to go on ... but as soon as I stepped into the car everything went better than hoped and I actually managed to know where I am in terms of progress and how many lessons I'll need to pass ... great instructor and advisor all in one !

by Courtney on Paul Reilly

I've had a couple of lessons with Paul after having a break from learning how to drive and already feel as though I have gained a lot of experience. Paul is very patient and helpful and my confidence in driving has improved already. He explains things clearly and can provide advice and tips throughout the lesson.

by Nik on Paul Reilly

I recently had my first driving lesson with Paul, and he was fantastic. He was able to keep me calm during moments of hesitation, and his explanations of manoeuvres are clear and concise without being condescending.
Thank you for a great first lesson, Paul.

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