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Why Do I Hate Driving Lessons? (9+ Answers to Consider)

Year after year, new students and young people start to learn to drive. In most cases, new driving pupils become excited and cannot wait to get behind the wheel. However, after doing a little research, it seems that there is a small minority of students that really dislike driving. After looking into the volume of Google searches completed we found that more than 100 people are searching for “why do I hate driving lessons” every month!

Now as a driving school that’s quite a worrying figure to see. If you do the maths that means that more than 1200 people are searching for answers every year. Now as a driving school ourselves – that simply is not good enough. These are some answers to why people may be searching “why do I hate driving lessons”.

Why Do People Hate Learning to Drive?

  • Little Confidence
  • Nervous
  • Bad Previous Experience
  • Failed Tests (Theory or Practical)
  • Not Comfortable With The Transmission
  • Anxious
  • Feeling the Pressure to Pass
  • Fear of Failing
  • Costs and Expenses Involved
  • Theory Training Itself

#1 Low on Confidence

As a Grade A driving instructor, the driveJohnson’s owner, Anthony Johnson has taught many people to learn how to drive. Some have been complete beginners, whereas some have had more experience than others. He even had the pleasure of teaching Tottenham Hotspur wonderkid Dele Alli how to drive.

Many of the new pupils that take their driving lessons in London are low on confidence simply because they are complete beginners and that is perfectly understandable. Going from public transport to driving on the busy roads in London is a highly stressful process, especially if you are planning on driving during rush hour.

However, have no fear. Being cautious is a typical reaction and over time, your confidence will grow as your driving ability improves. As they say – “Rome was not built in a day”, and you’re certainly not going to be passing your driving test and hammering around the streets of Central London after a handful of driving lessons.

#2 Nervous

Many driving pupils are put off by learning to drive simply because they cannot handle their nerves when they are behind the wheel. However, any approved driving instructor worth their salt will recognise this and will hold back from taking you out onto busy roads until you are both comfortable at the wheel and controlling the vehicle.

You will never be taken out onto main roads and dual carriageways as a complete novice – “It just isn’t cricket” and would not be fair on both parties.

#3 Bad Previous Driving Experience

This is arguably one of the most common reasons that pupils either give up on learning to drive or wait until they are a little older, wiser and “street smart”.

As one of the leading driving schools in the UK, it does hurt us to see that more pupils are delaying their learning experience due to the incompetency of a previous, inexperienced driving instructor. If you want to learn to drive – go for it. Do let a bad experience hold you back. For example, all of the driving lessons Grays that we provide are carried out by approved driving instructors (ADI’s).

These guys go through annual assessments to ensure that they are to a standard that can provide top of range driving tuition for every single one of our pupils, no matter what age or driving ability.

#4 Failed Driving Tests

Unfortunately, not every driving student can pass his or her driving test first time. Fails do occur. However, many myths are lingering around that claim that driving instructors and examiners have to fail a certain number of pupils.

That claim is total rubbish and is completely false. It’s like asking a chef to send out a percentage of his food raw – it just isn’t going to happen. If your ability to drive is considered safe and meets the examiner’s guidelines – you pass.

Obviously, if you have failed your driving test a couple of times, your confidence will be low. However, you are more than capable of passing your driving test. If there is a particular area of the driving test that you feel could hinder your performance, then you are well within your rights to request individual routines and manoeuvres to help build your confidence during your lessons.

#5 Not Comfortable With The Transmission

90% of drivers learn to drive in a manual vehicle. This is always recommended as after you have passed your driving test in a manual vehicle, you then have the opportunity to drive an automatic car too.

However, if you take your driving lessons in an automatic vehicle as well as your final practical driving test – you will only be able to drive an automatic car unless you take an actual driving test for a manual car.

Older people tend to learn how to drive an automatic, whereas younger people stick to the manual controls. The final decision is up to you – we would always encourage you to learn and take your test in a manual vehicle because you can always make the change after.

However, if you are seriously struggling – you could consider learning in an automatic.

#6 Becoming Anxious

Anxiety and mental health have become a significant issue here in the UK – especially around young people, which is incredibly frightening. If you do suffer from anxiety or other stress related illnesses, it is well worth contacting your local GP to ensure that you are safe to learn how to drive.

If you suffer from undiagnosed anxiety, then this could be a reason why you search for “why do I hate driving lessons”.

The important thing to know is that you are not alone. There are many free support groups and treatments available that have been designed to help young people cope and embrace their anxiety.

#7 Feeling the Pressure to Pass

If you have a close group of friends and all, but you have passed your driving test, then there can be a huge weight of expectation and pressure to pass. However, it is worth noting that you should only listen to the pressure that you put on yourself (which should be minimal).

No rule states that you have to pass your driving lessons Manchester in less than 3 months. Many pupils have taken up to a year and more to get to a test standard.

You should only feel comfortable booking your driving test when you feel that you are ready and comfortable with the driving manoeuvres and test routes.

#8 The Fear of Failing

Everyone is scared of something, and to some people, their biggest fear is the fear of failure. This isn’t always driving related and can come into play with some everyday routines.

A lot of people feel that they are judged on both their successes and failures – that is not something that you need to concern yourself with.

Many people fail their driving test every year. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, there is only a small number of individuals that are capable of passing the first time – and that is not always guaranteed. You can book driving lessons in Watford with driveJohnson’s for a local patient driving instructor to help you through your training.

#9 Costs and Expenses Involved

Some young people are put off of learning to drive due to the costs involved with learning and running a car. There are many things to consider such as driving lessons, a vehicle, tax, car insurance and general maintenance costs – not to mention breakdown cover.

If you want to learn how to drive but save as much money as you can – consider purchasing a bulk-booking offer from a driving school in Preston.

You can book 10 hours of driving lessons and receive a discounted rate per hour – making it a little cheaper for you.

When it comes to vehicle tax and insurance – there are a few things that you can look into which will help reduce costs. Some newer vehicles are so efficient that the annual car tax can be as low as £20 (per annum).

For car insurance – younger drivers can pay for something called a “little black box”. These small boxes are fitted to your car and measure your driving, considering speed, braking, positioning and more.

At the end of each year, your general driving ability is assessed. As long as you have been behaving on the roads, your insurance premium may be significantly reduced.

#10 The Theory Training

Another area that young or new drivers are put off by is the theory training that is needed to take the practical driving test. I have lost count of the number of people that has gone into taking a theory test with little or no revision.

It’s incredible to think that those individuals come out wondering what happened, thinking it would just be a walk through.

The trick to passing your theory training is through regular revision. There are so many tools that you can use to help you pass. Mobile Apps, DVD’s, Audiobooks and more – All will help you pass and take you that little bit closer to passing your practical driving test.

Confidence is Key

To pass your driving test, you need to approach it in a confident manner. If you go into learning to drive with negative thoughts, then there is only ever going to be one result.

Hopefully, you have found an answer to the “why do I hate driving lessons” query. Remember, if you need any help or advice on learning to drive – just give us a call.

All the best with your learning and we wish you best of luck!

Are UK Driving Licences Sexist – Yes or No?

Whether it be pink, green, stuck in an old wallet or even long forgotten down the rear of your sofa – a driving licence is something that many people hold in the UK and with driving figures set to increase those figures will only get larger.

However, have you ever considered the DVLA and the entire practice of driving licence printing sexist? No, neither did we. However, there are a small minority of people in the UK that have taken this one step further.

We look into the printing of driving licences here in the UK and how they could even be slightly considered as sexist.

What’s The Difference in Licences?

You may or may not know that not everyone gets the same driving licence. When you start to learn how to drive, for example if you were taking your driving lessons Basildon with a local instructor you would have a pink licence.

This driving licence is known as a provisional driving licence. In order to learn to drive, the pupil must have a valid and legal provisional driving licence. Without it, no driving lessons can commence.

Once you have completed your driving lessons Islington with your chosen driving school you will receive a new driving licence. This is subject to passing the UK practical driving test. The licence you receive will now be green and this is a full UK driving licence.

How Can The DVLA Be Considered Sexist?

As standard – men do not have any specific titles printed on their driving licences unless they are honorific. These can include doctors, reverends and others.

However, women do have their titles printed on their licences. In most cases, the traditional titles that are printed include Mrs, Miss and Ms causing a mass outrage and multiple accusations that the DVLA is in fact sexist.

In our eyes, we can see why people are getting a little upset – it would make perfect sense for every driving licence to print titles, no matter what gender.

We can provide driving lessons Dartford with our driving school no matter what licence you have. As long as it is legal and valid, we can arrange for one of our ADI’s to help you towards passing your driving test.

Some people assume that driving licences are different for ADI’s. However, we have a number of instructors that provide driving lessons Leicester on both the green (fully qualified ADI) and pink (trainee driving instructor).

The Practical Driving Test is Changing

For many, the practical driving test is a milestone and key achievement for so many young people in the UK. It really does represent freedom for most teenagers. However, come December 2017, the practical driving test is changing, so if you are taking your driving lessons, you may have to alter your training to accommodate the new introductions.

driveJohnson’s covers a number of locations across the UK, providing driving lessons in Barking, Chingford, Dagenham and a host of locations throughout London and the UK.

Fortunately, the director of driveJohnson’s is a grade A 51/51 driving instructor himself. This allows us to really stay ahead of the game and give our students the best possible chance of passing first time.

practical driving test changing

The Key Points From The Old Practical Test

For most people that have passed their driving test, they will have completed the following points during their practical exam.

  • 10 minutes of independent driving (no assistance from the examiner, unless in extreme cases)
  • The examiner would have asked you to follow specific road signs (these are usually for specific areas)
  • Option of a variety of driving manoeuvres (turn in the road, bay park, parallel park or reverse around a corner)
  • The examiner will ask you a series of questions relating to your vehicle

All of the above are some of the most obvious points that a typical practical driving test would have included. However, that is about to change for many driving instructors in the UK, whether they are completing driving lessons in Dartford or even any intensive driving lessons in Grays or Greenford.

As of the 4th December 2017 – the practical driving test will have the following changes implemented.

  • Independent driving will make an increase, going from 10 minutes to 20.
  • Pupils will be asked to follow directions on a satnav as an alternative to following the directions from the examiner. The examiner will decide on the day of the test – if the pupil needs to follow a satnav, the examiner will provide one.
  • The “reverse around a corner” manoeuvre will be replaced with more “real life” scenarios.
  • Examiners will ask the pupil safety questions while driving such as “how do you use the rear heated screen?”

Areas of the Test Staying the Same

Despite these subtle changes, there are many areas of the practical driving test that will be remaining the same. For example, these changes will only be introduced for car driving tests only. Additional categories for trailer training will remain the same until further notice.

Driving school pupils can expect to see the following points maintained within the practical examination.

  • Practical driving test fees will remain the same. (£45.50 – Weekdays and £62.50 – Evenings and Weekends)
  • The overall time taken to complete a driving test will stay the same. A practical driving test takes between 40 and 45 minutes.
  • Pass/Fail marks will remain the same. Pupils currently cannot exceed 15 minor faults or receive any major faults.

All of the driveJohnson’s instructors complete driving lessons in London to an exceptionally high standard. We ensure that every pupil is treated equally and has the best environment to learn in, making sure that they are taught how to drive – not to simply pass their driving test.

We are always looking for new instructors to join our team. Whether you join our driving instructor franchise or complete a driving instructor training course – contact us directly for further details.

Bailey McConnell passes his driving test

After completing just 12 hours of driving tuition, Bailey McConnell passed the driving test with only 3 minor faults. He had previously driven before with friends and family in the past, so that helped at the beginning. Anthony said, “after the first lesson with Bailey, I told him to book the driving test straight away, with the waiting time so long we decided to leave any further lessons until the week of the test.”

Bailey squeezed in 10 hours in just 7 days, totalling 12 hours of driving tuition in full.

Watch Bailey’s second driving lesson, and see how far away from test standard he was compared to the lesson before his test.



Bailey’s second lesson finished with a lot still to do to get to test standard, but Anthony Johnson (the owner of driveJohnson’s) could see that he had potential, hence booking the test in anticipation that he would be ready.



Even in the hour before the test there were still a few faults that needed to be ironed out. A poor instructor would panic and reduce the pupil’s confidence. A good instructor deals with it proactively and helps the pupil believe they can pass if they put their mind to it.

See how Bailey deals with the pressures of his test just one hour away.




Here’s what Bailey said on social media about driveJohnson’s

Bailey McConnell on Twitter

Bailey McConnell first driving lesson – coming soon

driveJohnson’s has a massive reputation for helping pupils get through their driving test first time and fast !

Throughout the years driveJohnson’s has taught many local celebrities/up and coming stars such as; Jamie Stimpson (singer) Mister Vee (singer) Holly Brewer (singer) Rocky Nt (singer) Giorgio Rasulo (MK Don’s footballer) Samuel Oram Jones (Formula 4 driver) George Williams (Barnsley footballer) and more.

We have also taught celebrities/stars that have emerged onto a national stage such; Dele Alli (Tottenham Hotspur) Jeffrey Schlupp (Leicester City) and Brendan Galloway (Everton) – all premiership footballers, also representing their chosen countries too.

All of the above names mentioned have one thing in common – they passed first time ! Most of the above also passed fast too, which brings us onto our next star ready to learn to drive; Bailey McConnell.

Bailey McConnell – Britains Got Talent Finalist

Bailey McConnell first rose to stardom through BGT. (Britain’s got talent) His first appearance blew the judges away and took him through to the final stages of the competition. Since then he has been touring the UK and US to sell out crowds, increasing his popularity even more. Bailey has just turned 17 and is very keen to pass quickly and first time. Nowadays a good looking lad with a very bright future isn’t complete without a driving licence. So he needs to get the job done sooner rather than later, hence, why he has chosen driveJohnson’s.

The challenge:

The majority of Bailey’s lessons will be filmed, they will also be available for viewing on our website and YouTube.

Here you will see a fly on the wall experience of a celebrity learning to drive safely, quickly and hopefully he will pass first time too.  (very likely)

Bailey’s first lesson is scheduled for 20th April 2016 @ 11am and he’s very much looking forward to it !


Who’s teaching Bailey ?

The owner of driveJohnson’s ‘Anthony Johnson’ is coming out of retirement to teach ‘Bailey’. The last time ‘Anthony’ came out of retirement was for Tottenham Hotspur and England Footballer ‘Dele Alli’.

Dele’s lessons were also filmed for YouTube and the driveJohnson’s website. Dele passed with just 1 minor fault, so intensive courses can be done successfully and to a high standard.


Anthony Johnson owner of driveJohnsons

Can Anthony Johnson ensure another first time pass? The pressure is on both of them to be fair, we don’t want to be uploading videos of failure at the end.

Below you can watch Anthony teach Dele Alli to drive 1 hour before his test.

Read More – Dele Alli Driving Lessons in full


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