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As a result of its closeness to the M4, M40, M25, Heathrow Airport, Maidenhead and Windsor, the roads in Slough can become extremely busy - particularly during rush hour with people heading in and out of the town. This is also exacerbated by the fact it's home to many global corporations. There's no need to fear this for two main reasons: the first being that your driveJohnson's driving instructor will be aware of the best places to go to learn how to drive in the quieter, less daunting places; and because traffic can be heavy, speed limits are generally lower giving you more time to process and prepare for junctions and hazards.

Your instructor will take you to a residential area like Berryfield in Wexham and Seacourt Road in Langley to start your driving lessons off, so you can cover the basics - POM, MSM, MSPSL routines to name a few. The best thing about these residential areas is they give you plenty of opportunities to practise different junctions without there being much traffic around. When you're feeling more confident and your instructor feels you're ready, you'll head out onto the main roads - learning to deal with the busier traffic, roads and junctions. You instructor will know all of the tricks to help you learn quickly and make you a confident driver on all types of road environment, helping you pass your driving test fast and first time.

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What do people think about driveJohnson's?

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My driving instructor Jassim was great from start to finish; he was great from start to finish. I also passed first time, he was a fantastic teacher and can't recommend him enough.


Just passed my test first time with Jassim, he is friendly and calm. Each lesson was great; he took the time to explain everything to me and ensured I understood if I was struggling


I needed my license fast and John certainly did that for me he was very reliable,honest and easy going plus his prices were among the best .I always got the full hour no shortcuts with this man.He was always on time and his car was in tip top shape.I had only 6 hours of lessons with John before my test and i had no others lessons at all with anyone else.
Test day came and yes i had nerves but JOHN does his best to make you feel relaxed ,Test over i passed first time with 0 Faults,John tells me this is rare so that was an extra bonus.
All in all if you need lessons no matter what your skill level is I can recommend John without hesitation and will recommend him to any of my friend and family.
Thanks John you're a Legend!


Jassim was my instructor when I was learning to drive and he taught me everything I know. He was thorough, professional and friendly. I'd recommend anyone to him who I looking to learn to drive around the Slough area


I had failed my driving test three times before I finally had lessons with driveJohnson's and it was down to Jassim that I finally managed to pass - even though I thought I never would! I realised how wrong my past teacher had been teaching me just to get me to buy more lessons! However Jassim was amazing and got me to pass really quickly. Would recommend driveJohnson's!


Drivejohnsons make learning to drive so easy! Everything was so clear from the moment that I called to book my lessons and my instructor, Jassim, was so friendly, professional and the best instructor I could have had!


Jassim not only taught me to drive but also taught me how to be a safer driver on the road. Thanks so much for being such a lovely driving instructor, I loved learning to drive!


I couldn't have asked for a better instructor than Jassim! I was such a nervous driver at first, but he was so patient helping me to become a confident driver who passed with just 3 minors!


Jassim was a great teacher when I was learning to drive. He made lessons fun and simple to understand. He made me realise I still had a lot to learn and wasn't as good as I thought beforehand but made me the good driver I am today.


I learnt to drive with Jassim in a Vauxhall Astra and he was such a good teacher. I then also decided to get an Astra as my first car as I enjoyed driving it so much. I always felt very safe with Jassim and enjoyed his lessons. Great teacher and instructor - I would recommend him


I am eternally grateful to have found such an amazing driving instructor! I passed with just 3 minor errors in the very first attempt, thanks to John!! He is so calm and composed and his lessons are very well structured! I used to dread driving test before I met John and I can't thank him enough for completely changing my perception about the whole experience! I would highly recommend John Whelan to all learning drivers. Thank you John!!


I do many lesson with Mr.Wehlan and he was so helpful with me and my training, he gives me free online help with theory practice and he never is yelling or telling me I am bad, just talking with me about how we can always improve with my learning.


Jassim is a great instructor; he took the time to make sure I felt confident in the manoeuvre before moving onto the next. He is extremely patient, and I cannot recommend him enough!


I can't express enough, how much I LOVED my lessons with John!! He's such a lovely person and really made me feel at ease in my lessons as I was sooooooo nervous when I started!! Being a driver around London is probably one of the most nerve wrecking things as in my experience, the people where I live drive like lunatics! But after about 2 or 3 hours with John, my confidence started increasing and before I knew it, I had passed my test!! Privileged that I was given the most brilliant instructor I could have asked for, I will always be grateful! Thanks John X


I did 10 lessons with this john and passed my test. He is the greatest instructor anybody who be doing lessons with him is lucky and you will pass the drivers test and be on the roads in no time at all with john. I hope that all my friends and my family will listen and chose to go with john for there lessons.


I was a very late learner and not very confident when I first started driving, but Jassim really helped to build my confidence and teach me everything I needed to know. I ended up passing first time (much to my surprise) and that was all down to Jassim's great teaching.


I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Jassim; he was so patient throughout each lesson and ensured I felt confident in everything I did.


Would most definitely give my instructor Jassim Meah 5/5 stars! He was so friendly and never made me feel pressured if I ever made any mistakes. It helped me to build my confidence and go into my test feeling positive. I passed first time with just 4 minors, couldn't be happier!


A huge thank you to Jassim for helping me to pass my test! Before I started lessons with him, I was with a really bad instructor at another driving school who really knocked my confidence. Jassim made me love driving again!


very gd lessons to get licence very quick. he very clear when givings instruction and help me with my mistake. i do 7 lessons with mr john and we pass test after doing these. mr john is defintley worth the money we are paying


John was always really flexible and accommodating of my needs, having 4 young children it's difficult finding time for driving lessons and even harder to keep it up and stay consistent, however with John's hours and commitment, he got me in at least once a week and I passed my test with him too!! He's extremely organised and our lessons were always planned - which was great as I am extremely unorganised!


John's a sick instructor, car was decent - small and well kept. Gassed that I passed my test 2nd time after I started doing lessons with John, everyone needs to hit this guy up for lessons!!!


Couldn't be happier with my experience with Drivejohnsons and my instructor, Jassim! All of my lessons were thoroughly planned out and I was really impressed with the progress cards that Jassim gave me at the end of each lesson. They made me feel as if I had such a productive lesson and couldn't wait for my next!

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