MSPSL Explained


The meaning of MSPSL:

MSPSL is the routine we should use approaching any type of hazard or junction. If you apply the routine in order as a learner you will find everything should flow better and obviously it’s the safest way to approach a hazard or junction.

What does MSPSL stand for ?

 M: Mirrors – Check the mirrors early, look out for vehicles behind you. Are they going to overtake? Are they following too close ?

 S: Signal – Avoid signalling too early, for example before the road that you want, this can be misleading. A late signal doesn’t benefit anyone, so timing is essential.

 P: Position – Adjust your position in good time, so other road users are sure of your intentions. This backs up your signal.

 S: Speed – Ensure you slow down with the brake pedal first then choose the appropriate gear. Ensure you don’t put the clutch down too early, as this is coasting.

 L: Look – Check the junction/hazard regularly for updates, if something changes you may need to slow down or stop.

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