Preparation, Observation, Manoeuvre

POM – Preparation, Observation, Manoeuvre

The meaning of POM:

POM stands for preparation, observation, manoeuvre.

If your instructor refers to POM they are using a routine to try and keep your moving off process in order so it’s safe.

Preparation means: Finding your biting point so you are ready to go.

Observations: This is where you should look all around you to ensure its safe. This is known as 360 observation or 6 point check.

Manoeuvre: This is where you move your vehicle away from a stationary position. If you are taking your driving lessons in the UK then you will usually pull to the right to come away from the kerb.

Why is it important to apply the POM routine before moving away ?

It’s the most effective way of moving off. If you think about it, would you want to look all around you if your not ready to move away ?

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