LADA Explained


The meaning of LADA:

LADA is a routine that you can memorise which will help you work out what to do on the approach to hazards.

What does LADA stand for ?

 L: Look – This sounds obvious, but some drivers don’t read the road ahead as far and early as possible. The advantages of seeing things in good time, allows you more time to perform the rest of the routine below.

 A: Assess – Work out the difficulty level of what you have seen ahead and the time available to make the correct decision. Is it something you have seen before? if so, your decision will be quicker than if it’s something you haven’t seen.

D: Decide – Remember the consequences of your decision before you make it. If it affects others and it’s risky, then you could be found be guilty or the person at blame. Safety first !

A: Act – Once you have made your decision, stick with it, too much hesitancy on the approach could affect others. Now begin to apply the MSPSL routine on the approach.

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