Permit Holders Only Sign – Parking Permitted Signs

Permit Holders Only Sign – what does it mean?

You will often see this sign in areas like London, where parking by the side of the road is limited. Only residents can only park there. Usually, local residents would possess a badge which they would display to show traffic wardens carrying out routine checks that they are permitted to park there.

Permit holders only within certain times signs:

To make things more confusing, you will often see signs saying “Permit holders only Mon – Sun 8am to 8pm”. This is only an example, the time frames can vary drastically.

In some places, the restricted time is just 2 hours in the day.

Looking at the picture provided, this means you CAN’T park your car there between 8am to 8pm Monday to Sunday. You could park your car there on Monday at 8:01pm and then move your car at 7:59am on Tuesday morning however.

Our instructor, Peter Balmforth, who provides driving lessons in Kings Lynn says, “Trying to find parking spaces in the town centre, especially during Christmas time, can be tricky. In certain areas of the town, there just isn’t enough parking available which encourages drivers – especially those from out of town – to start looking down the residential streets. In some streets the signs aren’t great, so my best advice is to look at the cars already parked around you. If you see lots of empty spaces at a busy time of the year, that may tell you it’s either pay and display or it’s for permit holders only. Lots of available spaces along a residential road during the day isn’t very common unless it’s for permit holders only.”

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