No Stopping Sign (Clearway)

What does a No Stopping (clearway) sign mean?

Anywhere you see a No Stopping Sign, you would normally see double yellow lines on the road as well. In cities where it’s exceptionally busy or dangerous to stop, you may see red lines – this is known as a Red Route.

Double yellow lines mean no parking and no stopping. If you can’t see an upright sign nearby stating the times you are permitted to stop or park, then don’t risk it. Find somewhere else to stop or park up by the side of the road.

If you park on a no stopping area, the consequences are a fixed penalty fine and, depending on how serious or dangerous the place is, may even result in a motoring offence resulting in points on your driving licence.

Examples of no stopping/clearway signs
End of clearway sign

Top tip from John Ferguson – driving instructor in Milton Keynes:

“When looking for a suitable place to pull up on the left and stop during a no stopping area, keep your eyes peeled for the “end” sign. Where a clearway/no stopping area starts, there must be an end too. There will usually be one sign at the end, you won’t see repeater signs. Keep glancing to the left for the big red cross sign with a blue background, stating “End” beneath.”

To find out more about safe places to leave/park your car, visit:

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