The meaning of Stalling:

Stalling is a term used to describe the engine turning off because of a clutch control issue. Basically if you bring the clutch up very quickly whilst in gear when you are stationary or going at a very slow speed then you are likely to stall the car. Stalling occurs when you do not give the engine plate and the clutch plate enough time to connect.

The key to avoid stalling is to hold the clutch at it’s biting point longer enough so the plates connect. If you look at the diagram you can see ‘engine A’ the persons foot is to the floor. When the foot is to the floor the plates are not connected. If you look at diagram ‘Engine B’ the foot is up completely and as you can see the plates are connected. To avoid stalling you need to be sensitive around the mid area of A and B, sometimes it helps to count to three seconds as you bring the clutch up fully. This usually gives the plates long enough to rub together and connect. Once connected the car is in drive and there is no further risk of stalling.

For more tips, visit: Clutch Control

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