What are show me, tell me questions?

4th December 2017 Onwards

At the beginning of your driving test your DVSA examiner will ask you about 1 tell me question at the beginning of the driving test. The examiner will also ask you 1 show me question during the test whilst the car is moving. A show me question requires a demonstration of how you would check a particular area on your car – for example “When safe to do so, show me how you would check to the see the horn is working properly”. A tell me questions just requires an explanation. At driveJohnson’s driving School we take everything about preparing you for your driving test seriously, so we have provided a printable show me, tell me question sheet so you can practice on your own as well as with your driving instructor.

Show me, tell me questions

The two videos below are provided from the DVSA, if you watch the videos you should grasp what is expected. It’s always good to start your test positively so it’s worth practicing the questions and understanding them fully so you get off to the best possible start on your driving test.

What happens if you get one or both questions wrong:

In the event you answer both questions incorrectly, you will receive just one driver fault.

However, whilst you answer the show me question it’s important you do it safely as the car will be moving.

Let’s say the examiner asks you the following “When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you’d set the rear demister?” It would be very easy if you are unfamiliar with the car to turn on the full beam lights on some cars which could blind another road user, or you could accidentally put the direction indicators on, or even lose control of the steering under the pressure. If the examiner believes you have affected other road users in a serious or dangerous way then they could mark you down for a serious fault.

Remember, the examiner will always say “When safe to do so”, so if you are going round a bend or a hazardous area, then think twice before performing the show me question straight away.

DVSA help videos

The DVSA published these videos in 2017 to help students grasp and understand the show me, tell me questions rather than just learning the answers.

Show Me Questions

Tell Me Questions

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