Driving Test Marking Sheet

Driving Test Marking Sheet


The DSA, the company that carry out the driving test make no effort to hide the marking sheet. In fact they actively encourage learners to become familiar with what is expected from the driving test. Watch the video ‘Are you ready’ produced by the DSA to give you an insight to what you can expect on the day of your driving test. There are over 30 different areas on the marking sheet you can possible be marked down for.

You are allowed up to 4 minor faults in one particular area. Anything more than that will usually result in a serious/dangerous fault.

As you can see, the marking sheet has an ‘S’ and ‘D’ section. Just 1 mark in this area will result in you failing the whole test. You will not find out the result of your test until the end.

Marking Sheet

In the event you unfortunately fail your driving test, your examiner on the day will give you a copy of your test report and on the back of that will be ‘the driving test report explained’.

Driving Test Report Explained

The DSA provide general examples of what the guidelines are for each marking area and what the standards are. As you read it you may think it’s quite vague, however it does seem to touch base on every marking area. If you feel the examiner has unfairly marked you in any particular area after reading the report you can appeal against the result with a written explanation.

Page 1 of the Test Report Explained
Page 2 of the Test Report Explained
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