What are some practical driving test myths?

We all know how the game of Chinese whispers works… A fact gets turned into a myth and often leaves you feeling confused about what is true and what is false. We’ve seen this many times when taking driving lessons in Luton, so the aim here is to clear up some of the most frequently asked questions that people may not know.

Driving Test Myths

We’ve put together a few of the top myths about driving tests and explained them all here.

Driving schools make you take more lessons than you actually need.

Here at driveJohnson’s this is completely false! We first provide you with an assessment lesson, giving you honest guidance on how many driving lessons we think you’ll need in order to pass your driving test. We always have your best interests in mind; this means not overcharging you for lessons that you don’t really need.

The minimum age for driving is increasing to 18.

When teaching driving lessons in Luton, I hear this one a lot! It is true that the government suggested that learning should begin at 17 and you should take your test at 18 but this change would require an Act of Parliament which takes at least 2-3 years… So don’t worry just yet!

Driving examiners can only pass a certain number of pupils each week.

This one is very simple… If you are up to test standard, you WILL pass your test. The amount of people your examiner has passed before you has nothing to do with whether or not you will pass your test.

When you’re a learner driver, you are exempt from motoring laws.

This is completely untrue. Although you may be learning under a provisional licence, you will still be responsible for any car accidents when driving, such as running over a pedestrian.
Remember, you have just as much responsibility when driving as any other driver. Hopefully you won’t want to run over anyone anyway!

Your practical driving test can be cut short or stopped by the examiner.

If you are driving the car in a dangerous way, then the examiner can stop the test. In the case of this happening, the examiner would have to walk back to the test centre as they are not insured on the vehicle (regardless of how far away you are from the test centre). This will not make the examiner or your driving instructor very happy so stick to what you’ve been taught in your lessons!

Men pass their driving test easier than women.

According to a 2004 study by the Department for Transport this is true. Men take 36.2 lessons on average before passing whilst women take 51.9. Also, on average, men take 1.8 attempts whilst for women it’s 2.1 when it comes down to the driving test. You may be feeling a little bit cocky lads, but once you’re passed, I’m afraid to say that you are responsible for 97% of dangerous driving offences.

You should set the mirror slightly off so you have to move your head more and the examiner will see that you’re checking regularly.

Nice try, but false. Examiners are trained to spot the small eye movements we make when checking our mirrors. Dramatically moving your head all of the time is only going to take your concentration off of driving.

If you still have any questions about other driving lesson myths, please feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have about your driving lesson requirements.

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