What should I consider as my driving test gets closer?

If you have your driving test coming up soon, then we recommend you read this page just to make sure none of the below effects you on your big day. Here we will outline a few things to think about when approaching your driving test.

Things to consider when your test is near

If you feel you may not be ready for your driving test, then our assessment lesson can help you work out how many driving lessons you may need.  These are common mistakes that happen every day across test centres within the UK. We have been providing driving lessons in Bedford and surrounding areas for over 6 years now and regularly see candidates not even getting into the car and moving off because the examiner has aborted the test for one of the following reasons:

1. Have you got your licence?

Make sure you have your driving licence on the day. Once you have booked your practical driving test, make sure it’s kept in a safe place. The examiner will want to see it before going out to your vehicle. Unfortunately, I regularly see candidates going to their test without their licence and trying to plead with the examiner for leniency. It doesn’t matter if you were burgled last night and the thieves took it or you just can’t find it, there’s 0% chance of going out for your driving test without your licence.

2. Make sure your car is roadworthy

Many tests are aborted before the candidate and the examiner have even entered the vehicle. This happens quite a lot to candidates that use their own vehicle for the driving test and their car is not considered safe and legal for the purpose of the driving test. Basically, the examiner will ask you to sign a declaration to confirm that the car is insured for the purpose of the test. Then the driving test examiner will inspect your vehicle and ask you a show me, tell me question about the car. Checking/testing the brake lights, dipped lights, direction indicators, windscreen washers are just a few ways the examiner could abort the test if one of these areas on your car is not working. There was a very high profile incident with a national driving school recently shown on BBC watch dog, where the pupil’s test was aborted because the tax disc was out by two weeks.  You can check your car is road worthy by going on direct.gov website and clicking on owning a vehicle/MOT.

3. Insurance

If you’re going down to the Bedford test centre in your own vehicle, then make sure it has the appropriate insurance. You should also be accompanied by a person who has at least 3 years driving experience and their minimum age is 21. We have been providing driving lessons in Bedford for a long time now and have seen the driving test examiners call the police if they suspect a candidate has turned up for test in an uninsured vehicle. The examiner will complete the test without giving any indication that there is a problem, by the time the examiner and the pupil get back to the test centre the police are just outside ready to pull the candidate up pass or fail. If the car is not insured correctly or doesn’t have any insurance then the candidate’s car is going home on a transporter.

4. Check your eyesight

This is crazy, but some instructors don’t check their pupil’s eyesight at the beginning of their driving lessons or just before their test. Believe it or not, some people get themselves to test standard, with reduced vision and then find out on the day of their test that they cant complete the number plate test from 20.5 meters away. If you can’t read the number plate, then the examiner will abort the test.

5. Don’t change your car 1 week before your test

Some pupils will go and have driving lessons with another driving instructor, in a different vehicle just before their test. We often get pupils calling us up asking for extra driving lessons in Bedford just before they go to test. Sometimes it’s not their fault. There’s some heartless driving schools out there that will take you for your lessons all the way up to your test and then 1-2 weeks away say to you they can’t make it. They know what they are doing, they have drawn the driving lessons out of you and you’re still not ready for your driving test, so they drop you rather than face the music and ask you to put your practical test back because you’re not ready, or take you down to the test centre and face the possibility of the examiner aborting the test and then questioning your driving instructor’s ability to teach and judgement for when a pupil is test standard. Anyway, the dangers of changing cars so late are the following:
– different biting point on clutch, brakes could be more sensitive
– focal points for manoeuvres, for example Bay Parks are usually different in every car you learn in.
– familiarity with the gear lever will be less, so higher risk of accidentally going into the wrong gear.

6. Try and drive in as many weather conditions before your test as possible.

Knowing the Great British weather, just because it’s been sunny for the last week, doesn’t mean it might not rain on your big day. Obviously we can’t control the weather, but driving in the rain, fog or snowy conditions is great practice beforehand just in case it happens on the day of your driving test.

If your driving test is coming up and you’re in a rush, then you may want to consider doing a crash driving course in conjunction with an assessment driving lesson to give you the best possible chances of passing first time.

If you have any other questions or would like to know more about our driving lessons in Bedford, then please get in touch via our driveJohnson’s contact form or call us on .

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