Footballer Dele Alli Passes his driving test

Dele Alli driving test preparation

‘Dele Alli’ passed his driving test on his second attempt, previously learning with another driving school. He failed with 10 minors and 1 serious.

After failing miserably he came to driveJohnson’s with one goal in mind = to pass first time !

‘Dele Alli’ approached driveJohnson’s because of their impressive reputation for passing pupils first time in Milton Keynes. Many of the MK Don’s academy and first team have taken their test’s with us and all passed first time. Since passing his test, ‘Dele’ has driven to greater heights in his football career. Now playing for Tottenham Hotspur and the England first team.

48 Hours to Prepare

It was a little bit of a race against time. ‘Dele’ had injured his foot in the lead up to his test. Watch the first video to see how ‘Dele’ got on.

The Pep Talk

Once you have watched the first video (above) of ‘Dele’ you will understand there was quite a lot to do and not much time to do it in. After a pep talk on the strengths, weaknesses and what needed correcting, ‘Dele’ came back to his lesson later on in the afternoon a significantly better driver.

In football terms this is know as ‘Bounce Back Ability’ !

The Hour before the driving test and how to prepare

The video on the right is an example of how many driving lessons are conducted 1 hour before the actual test.

Every pupil is different, so as an instructor you have to be tactful and bare in mind whatever you say before the driving test could affect the pupil’s mental approach going into the test. Pupils who are very positive can often be told their weaknesses, however, pupils who have have little or no confidence will need to be told of their weaknesses very delicately. ‘Dele’ wasn’t short of confidence, so being direct and straight to the point about his weaknesses was the best way of getting him to produce an excellent drive.

Anthony Johnson – Instructor & owner of driveJohnson’s 

Anthony’s Prediction in the video

You have to be very bold and know what you’re doing to make statements like someone has more than a 90% chance of passing. If the pupil fails miserably, then it doesn’t look very good on the instructor. In the second video Anthony Johnson estimates ‘Dele’s chances of passing at around 90%.

Dele Passes with driveJohnson’s first time, with class…

‘Dele Alli’ was straight on twitter after his test singing driveJohnson’s praises.

‘Dele Alli’ also said ”I failed my first test getting 10 faults with another school. In 6 hours, ‘Anthony’ got me to where I needed to be. He even predicted the test route I would get correct , this was a massive help. Great instructor and fantastic company.”

If you’re interested in taking lessons with driveJohnson’s then visit: Areas we cover where you can find a driveJohnson’s instructor near you.

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