Haunted Road

From sightings of a runaway bride killed on the night before her wedding to disembodied hands taking control of the steering wheel, you’d be shocked at the number of paranormal, unexplained sightings and experiences that have been reported by UK drivers on Britains most haunted roads.

HINT: You’ve probably driven down at least one of these unbeknown of the spine-chilling stories…

Dare You Drive Britain’s Most Haunted Roads?

If you’re going to brave checking out one of these roads late at night this Halloween, you’re going to want to bring a friend along after hearing these stories…

The Ghost Road – Kinmount Straight, Scotland

Yes, this road based in South West Scotland has actually officially been named ‘The Ghost Road’ by locals. For centuries, Kinmount Straight has been the home of multiple different mysterious and most seriously spooky sightings.

The long road, hardly lit by any street lamps has had more reports of supernatural activity than ANY other road in the UK. It only takes a few searches on the internet to see several different YouTube videos flood in of brave drivers videoing their experience.

People have reported different people calmly standing on the side of the road including a man with a sack over his head holding a rope, a man on crutches with skin covering his eye sockets and a parade of phantoms marching across the road. There are even reports of animals suddenly flying into the windscreen, but no blood, body parts or traces of life are left behind.

The Kinmount Straight has one of the highest rates of accidents out of all Scottish roads, could this be the reason why?

ghost road in Scotland

Photo credit to ITV News.

The Disembodied Hands – Dartmoor, England

Dartmoor, filled with country roads and open stretches of land, is known to be one of the most remote locations in Britain – the ideal hotspot for paranormal activity…

Since 1962, reports have unravelled describing what appears to be disembodied hands or gloves suddenly grabbing the steering wheel from the control of the driver and attempts to run the vehicle off the road into the deserted land.

The ‘hands’ appear pressed on the windscreen, on top of your own hands and then onto the steering wheel, leaving you frozen with fear unable to regain control.

The Killer Road – Sheffield, England

Stocksbridge Bypass, built in only 1982 is a known “Killer Road” amongst police officers and locals due to its increasing number of fatalities and countless numbers of reports of the same eerie sightings. According to The Star, the last crash was just 4 days ago!

The bypass is built on what is thought to be the grave of a legendary monk who disobeyed his faith and is surrounded by mine shafts children would work in.

Unexplained sightings emerged during the building process, where two security guards, hired to overlook building materials overnight, recall the sighting of children playing and dancing underneath a pylon. The children are thought to be those lost in the mines but disappeared as the guards got up to investigate.

The same night, the same two guards witnessed a monk roaming the land and staring blankly at them, again he disappeared. Both guards quit their job just three days after this night.

The reports of both unexplained occurrences continue to arise in more recent years with many claiming the monk appears in their car sitting calmly in the passenger seat.

Stockbridge bypass

Photo credit to Me Time For The Mind.

The Haunting Bride – Kent, England

Back in 1965, on the A229 through Maidstone, a young woman, named Judith Langham was fatally hit by a car and killed the night before her wedding wearing her wedding dress.

In 1974, the same accident tragically happened again on the same stretch of road, again a bride wearing her white wedding dress. Although, this time the driver covered the body in a blanket and called the police for help. Once the police arrived, the driver directed the officers over to the body. However, at the scene was an empty blanket, no body, no bride, no blood, no damage to the car or traces of an accident. Even police tracker dogs could find no traces of a victim.

To this day, drivers still report sightings of a distraught bride wearing her wedding dress appear in front of their car. Thrill seekers spend hours trying to hunt down the bride in the early hours of the morning to get their own proof of the ghost; however, no one is yet to capture footage. We’ve even had pupils who have been taking driving lessons in Maidstone ask to take this road specifically to spot the rumour.

Maidstone newspaper article

Photo credit to The Sun.

The Disappearing Road – London, England

The A21 in London isn’t exactly paranormal, but it most definitely is mysterious and terrifying, and you’ll have to have a great deal of courage to brave this road.

As you approach the end of the dual carriageway, it intersects into two in which several drivers have reported that the road bending to the left suddenly disappears, but ONLY once you are already driving on it and have no way of turning back. Then a form of ghost path will appear with no explanation.

The Phantom Distractions – M6, England and Scotland

The M6 is the longest motorway in the UK running all the way from Rugby to Gretna, so it’s no surprise that there’s a fair share of accidents every year. Want to know one of the most common causes? Distraction by ghostlike images heading towards the vehicle…

There have been various claims throughout the last decade of petrifying visions of phantoms travelling against the traffic towards the vehicle, causing drivers to become distracted or even swerve to miss what they believe to be a person or other vehicle. When they take a second look… nothing.

Some of the most common sightings are either a Roman soldier returning from battle or a dismantled lorry driving plummeting towards your vehicle.

So Would You Dare…

If you think of yourself as the ultimate ghost hunter and refuse to be easily haunted then get behind the wheel and try your hand at one of these unnerving roads this Halloween – we wouldn’t recommend going it alone…